Precision Document Processing – Lee Scott of Corp2000

Lee Scott, Owner and President of Corp2000

Lee Scott, the Owner and President of Corp2000, grew his company’s revenue from $2.5 million in 2014 to $4 million in 2017, a 62% increase, and to around $4.8 million in 2018.  

Corp2000 is a nationwide public records, filing, and document retrieval service company.  

In this interview with Eversprint‘s Malcolm Lui, Lee shares how he and his team accelerated their high value sales by:  

  • Ensuring that they are on the jurisdiction referral lists.  
  • Acquiring a slightly larger competitor in 2016.  
  • Marketing and selling direct to their clients.  

Computer generated transcript - Corp2000 Interview (transcribed by Sonix)

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Malcolm Lui: Welcome to the High Value Sales Show of I'm Malcolm Lui, the Managing Mmember of Eversprint, and today we're speaking with Lee Scott, the Owner and President of Corp2000, a nationwide public records filing and document retrieval service company. Welcome to the call Lee.

Lee Scott: Thank you.

Malcolm Lui: Lee, you grew your company's revenue from $2.5 million dollars in 2014 to $4 million in 2017 a 62% increase, and in 2018 you're around $4.8 million. Before we talk about how you grew your company so fast, can you briefly share what your company does beyond my quick intro, and how your company differs from the competition?

What they do

Lee Scott: Yeah. So one thing that we do is work. I kind of say we're a corporate diligence company. We work with commercial finance companies in the real estate corporate transaction attorneys and paralegals doing diligence work on these larger commercial transactions transaction. It's required that an attorney is on on both sides. And what we do is a simple term what I kind of say in that diligence work as a corporate credit check. We pull corporate documents throughout the country internationally as well to vet information to for these attorneys and paralegals to verify kind of credit worthiness credit worthiness of these corporations in these transactions.

Malcolm Lui: So the paperwork that you're able to pull and deliver are pretty standard.

Lee Scott: Yes yes they're pretty standard

Malcolm Lui: And you can do this for any state entity within the US of course and it sounds like you could also do it from other countries as well.

Lee Scott: Yes. That is correct. Yes that is correct.

Malcolm Lui: Okay very cool. And how do you differ from.

Lee Scott: Even

Malcolm Lui: Sorry go ahead.

How they differ

Lee Scott: With no problem I would say one that we can even go down to the county level as well. So there's there's the statewide jurisdictions but there is a whole nother layer below that which is county level work as well. So that's a pretty vast layer of locations in which we can obtain and file documentation

Malcolm Lui: Okay great. How about at the city level is there a city level of paperwork that you can retrieve and file as well.

Lee Scott: That there is there is that we do some fictitious business name filings as well. And we do that up at the city level.

Malcolm Lui: Okay great. Now how does your business differ from the other companies that offer something similar.

Lee Scott: Well I would say it's it's our attention to detail. I do say we're kind of we have big business services with a batik feel and in one way that we do that is a client let's say a client a orders a good standing from California. A typical response from a competitor or somebody else in the industry would be just no they're not in good standing. The individual receiving that the client receiving that fair legal potentially would be OK. They're not in good standing what court 2000 does and how we separate ourselves is is that attention to detail by flying. Yes. One it's not a good standing to the reason why it's not in good standing. And often it's the financial and say the dollar amount that is owed is this. So there are these additional valuable pieces of information that then they can just turn on forward on to their client who could resolve the issue relatively and then they can get back to ordering it and getting it back into good standing

Malcolm Lui: So the other companies have access

Lee Scott: Next year

Malcolm Lui: To the same information. They're just not bothering to pass it along.

Lee Scott: That is correct. That is correct.

Malcolm Lui: So they pull the document they see they're in bad standing. They just say oh this company is about standing. Take the 30 seconds or one minute to read the document to figure out why and pass it along.

Lee Scott: That may be because of the volume that they do. And I think it's we have a little more personal response and feel to what it is we do. We care a little bit more about the work that we do and and it shows by the attention to detail

Malcolm Lui: Or

Lee Scott: When we reply with information

Malcolm Lui: Right. Got it. Now your company had some pretty rapid sales growth right two 2.5 million and 14 to 4 million in 2017. This year this past year 2018 another 20 percent increase to four point eight million. Can you talk about what were the three biggest drivers of that growth.

Their biggest sales drivers

Lee Scott: So the three biggest drivers is one is referral we are on a list for referrals with jurisdictions throughout the country where they often rotate service companies and were referred in information or referred clients from them. There's also because we have been established. We have long standing relationships. There is movement within the industry. In jobs and individuals take us with them. And that's been another big category of growth. They go from one firm to another firm or one company to another company and they take us with us and because we have that built that longstanding relationship and trust with and we're established with that company the new individual that comes on keeps us. But then they also take us to their new location and so grow. So referrals. And then a big one over the line in 2016 was we. There was an acquisition that took place in 2016 that really spurred a little bit of the growth. And then just we do have sales who also have kind of the third. So first would be referrals direct sales and marketing and acquisition are the three

Malcolm Lui: Mike So when you say a referral list that's on a state level for example or at a county level they have a list of of companies set up and then as people ask for it ask for companies that can retrieve documents and provide information. The states and the counties it just go down just listen rotate among the vendors there. Right

Lee Scott: That is

Malcolm Lui: Ok.

Lee Scott: Yes that is correct

Malcolm Lui: So now let's go there. I guess the key thing you can only control is making sure that your company maintains good standing it stays on the list. Right.

Lee Scott: Correct. Correct.

Malcolm Lui: Ok.

Lee Scott: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: And then the next part about the referral side is that you go to work and the people who engage you and they remember and they just go back to you again and again and then they switch companies day to day continue the relationship. Right. But the second part of the referral side of things

Lee Scott: That is correct. Correct.

Malcolm Lui: Ok.

Lee Scott: Correct. Yes.

Malcolm Lui: And then two down 69

Lee Scott: And

Malcolm Lui: Acquisition. Can you give more details about the acquisition.

Lee Scott: Yes it was I had been looking for a new location actually. I know it's kind of an interesting story maybe I was looking for a new location because the building I was in was being acquired and was looking for a new. Again a new location in this office building was for sale and went to look at it and lo and behold Him my copy thousand. That's that's a competitor and long story short and really long story but went in and just kind of just asked the owners would you be anything in selling and they were at a point that they decided they were and about six to nine months later we we merged the companies together and at work or two thousand now. And that was a. And they were a little bit bigger than 90 s at the time. And like 40000 name it it actually really fits the industry much better than Citi s at the time so merged the companies together and kept the court 2000 name and that that really spurred a little bit of the the big growth the 20 percent growth over last year is referrals and direct sales and marketing.

Malcolm Lui: Okay great.

Lee Scott: So

Malcolm Lui: And that brings me to the third question direct sales and marketing. You talk a little bit more about how they how that boosted your sales by 20 percent.

Lee Scott: Yes. How that. So we work with our current clientele. And in addition we we've come to give away too many secrets but I found a really good treasure trove in generating leads and we've we've over the many years really perfected how we communicate and the message that we want to want to communicate across that cross that that segment within the market and that that has been very beneficial because in the industry it is a it is a bit of a tough tough industry to penetrate because of that trust factor because of these transactions are relatively large lot. There's a lot at stake in our industry. The key mistake you really can't because if you misfiled something you miss a deadline the deal is done. And then that's a direct reportage. All that reputation falls back on you and if you break that trust it it really jeopardizes future your future dealings with that client. So we strive for perfection in being able to get that message across and out to these individuals being able to really hone in on what is what market are you going after how you're going to communicate. And and then executing on that has been very beneficial

Malcolm Lui: But what it does is can you share about how you did this. Was it through online marketing offline marketing

Lee Scott: So we did research and well linked in LinkedIn is a treasure trove

Malcolm Lui: Like

Lee Scott: I'm able to pinpoint specifically whom home I'm targeting and gain. And then we would take in do research off of kind of the referrals within there or the the other associations I'd say associations that are within LinkedIn take that and then we would go to a research type individual expand upon that getting the direct contact information and bringing all the information to make sure. And then we would put it into a lead generation specialists hands who then would contact and very you know qualify it a bit more and then share that then it would go on to the senior account executive

Malcolm Lui: Right now is a bit of a manual process right. It's not like a automate it sounds a bit of manual work is involved here. All right

Lee Scott: There is a little bit of manual work involved.

Malcolm Lui: I could get

Value of researching their leads

Lee Scott: That is correct I think. But I think the value that you gain in knowing specifically that this this is who you're targeting and having a clear picture as to who you're targeting and a little bit of research to hone in and verify the name the lead the phone that address all the all the detail there for me for a very solid lead outweighs any acquisition of lead purchasing leads or anything like that

Malcolm Lui: Right but it sounds. I mean can you scale this up 10x at a flip of a skip wanted to

Lee Scott: You could you could

Malcolm Lui: Put the labor component this up. I think it gives I think like the bottleneck right doing the additional research manually

Lee Scott: Well we split it up where someone's not doing that because of the number of leads that they generate in a day and then to go qualify that we split the day up a little bit where it's not just solely focused on that that they're also having to kind of qualify that research work that they've done.

Malcolm Lui: Ok

Lee Scott: So we split it a little bit to help them just to kind of help break that that up and and keep the flow going

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Now done in-house so you outsource a lot of this process.

Lee Scott: In-house. All in-house

Malcolm Lui: Ok so I mean I know you said you could scale it up 10 X but not quite. Maybe maybe. I know you have a shed on both of it so maybe I'm missing some key component but it sounds like you know at the times I've used Lincoln and I agree it's a fantastic tool right. You can you can find people use the Sales Navigator you can really narrow it down

Lee Scott: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: And

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: You can find people and sometimes your contact information is out of date of course right now that is what people submit in their own profile. So yes I can see how you might want to have someone else verify the information Find the right track up the date contact details but that seems to be a little bit of the right. OK. How would you 10x this right. So like you don't have to hire more people in order to literally get ten times the amount of leads flowing through your system.

Lee Scott: You you would need to hire more. So you're saying scale kind of get more under the productivity or the question would you get more out of the process that I have now without actually having to gain more individuals or hiring more individuals

Malcolm Lui: By guessing go both ways. Maybe we can make it easier. We talk about numbers like how many leads does your system crony generate for you per day before your team reaches out to them

Lee Scott: Around 40 lead the day.

Malcolm Lui: A case so 40 leads a day and then your team. And this is the lead researcher has already pulled the correct contact information and they meet the criteria as far as I can tell right through the tools that you have OK so you know if you want to go 400 leads per day. Can you do that without hiring

Lee Scott: No.

Malcolm Lui: Ok.

Lee Scott: You would need to hire

Malcolm Lui: Right. By magic like you said you could probably improve your process a bit and maybe bump this up to maybe 50 litres per day.

Lee Scott: Yeah. There. I'm not sure. I do tend to explore things in automation. And I know this was a previous question that was asked but but this kind of leads to one of the other things that we do and that does separate us is the is our services we do have a technology that we've invested in that allows us to level the playing field

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Lee Scott: But doesn't. And again I say we have big business services with a boutique feel because we still like the manual on the human nature of the interaction between individuals where some companies require you to go online to submit humanization and everything's done online where we're able to email and communicate via email. However I do have technology that allows us to automate certain areas within the business that do also liberate us from the other companies that are out there as well. So I haven't looked into the actual sales process

Malcolm Lui: You need

Lee Scott: Or the lead generation process to see if there's a way to automate that. I haven't explored that at this point but that's an area that I can still explore if we could if we could automate some some part of that. Name generation I haven't explored that at this point but I can assure you know in my mind and know in the way I work and function and the organization that we would we would pretty quickly. And that would better answer the question of could you ten fold it and I should. I don't know at this point.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

Lee Scott: I think there's potential. I

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

Lee Scott: Think there's

Malcolm Lui: I think

Lee Scott: Potential

Malcolm Lui: The key is identifying where the bottleneck is right and then automating

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: That. Or better yet eliminating it if it's not necessary. If you can't. So I imagine your conversion rate of the 40 leads per day because you're doing so much research in advance and you're customizing the message or rather the sales team can now customize the message when the outreach and they reach out to them. Your conversion rate must be nice and quiet Can you share any details how you get 40 lead today how many of these actually will take a call from your team and then ultimately how many end up doing business with

Lee Scott: You know I'm still I'm still putting those numbers together. It is a newer process that we've implemented and I at this moment I'm still compiling and compressing those numbers. So I don't have any direct detailed numbers at this at this point.

Malcolm Lui: Sure. Well it was good enough to generate 20 percent increase in sales. The process overall is

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: Working. So the 20

Lee Scott: It is. It is. And again it's newer. So there's a little bit like you said earlier there's a little more manual in there and I'm again on a fairly heavy on technology and I'm implementing in some of that reporting and the detailed information that we really need. So I do anticipate that within the next quarter to two quarters of having those very fine detail different that the details we need to know

Malcolm Lui: Yep.

Lee Scott: Which we need to know those

Malcolm Lui: Yeah yeah. Once you know the numbers you know the steps in your conversion rates at each part of your sales funnel sales process then you know where you can optimize it. Right

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: You can really really leverage your system. So for that 20 percent sales increase that you experienced in 2017 2018 how much of that came from new business and how much of that came from just doing more business with your existing customer base

New vs existing business

Lee Scott: I'll move. I would say probably that 3 to 5 percent was was new business and 15 was was from existing existing clients doing different different types of work not quite knowing that hey they need to be doing this if you're doing. I can get into the details of the work and maybe real quick. So if you do a UCC filing which is a Uniform Commercial Code if you're doing a UCC file because there is a transaction and what a UCC is simply put is it secures a a corporation or a financial institutions position in case of default. So it is a document that's filed that under state level to secure a financial institutions position in case of default from this borrower. That's kind of simple The simple answer a UCC and the term we kind of say in the industry actually there's nothing uniform about uniform commercial code. So when when you do that at many states throughout the country and jurisdictions even county level there's still a manual process involved where an individual literally retyped what you sends them in because of that these in these filings are again around larger transactions maybe 10 20 30 40 50 million and up dollar deals it is highly important. I mean it's essential when I say constantly we read there's zero room for error that if that filing isn't done correctly then something happens and they default and you go to court and nobody does.

Lee Scott: And it's called a search to reflect that if nobody does that search to reflect and verify that that filing it wasn't done correctly. They get in the court they UCC may not hold up in a court of law. So one of our clients actually started doing this kind of it's called a search to reflect and confirm search. There's kind of several names in the industry that individuals call this. And what that does is it verifies that when this was filed it was filed correctly. That was a one of our one of our UCC filers decided that this is an avenue that they needed to go inside decided that that was. So that was a. And now one of our our larger clients so that was a part of that part of that growth. And then I think a little bit it was it was the economy spurred we got the we got through the election and through all all the. And then the taxes and kind of got through all that a little bit of the political. And so I think some of that tax reform and that thing and that kind of spurred into a little bit of the growth from existing clients again.

Malcolm Lui: So what the UCC example you gave. So the company that you work with wanted to review all their past UCC filings and they had your fun with that. Is that what the growth was. The additional services you're able to provide them.

Lee Scott: Well it was more not not that we went back and verified all the ones that they had already done but just moving forward for every individual filing that they did that they would do an additional search.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. And

Lee Scott: So it was it was adding an additional service to what we've already done.

Malcolm Lui: Right. OK. Yeah. Getting more business from your existing customers in this way is always the best

Lee Scott: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Because you're just adding

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: More value to them now.

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: Now why wasn't this done before in the past. Is this a new service you added or is it just that your client never knew that you had it or just the client never really saw the value until you brought it to their attention.

Lee Scott: A culmination. They didn't realize that. That we did it. They didn't realize the necessity of doing it and the value in doing it. So is a little bit of both of those. That that spurred them to decide yes we better do this.

Malcolm Lui: Right. If you were to quantify how many different forms and services that your team can provide in aggregate how many different. So it's been in the hundreds if not more

Lee Scott: Maybe maybe not. Not quite that many.

Malcolm Lui: Uk

Document filing is both simple and complex.

Lee Scott: I bet you know wee wee wee wee cert we file. We monitor documents throughout the country. And I know that that's very simple and basic in its terms. There is considerably more to it than just that. I mean each jurisdiction has kind of a plethora of of documents. I mean the state of California has 50 to 75 different types of documents because there's there's a link there's an LLC There's a Jeep and then there's there's the subsequent LLC twelve. So if you file a formation which be an LLC one you need to do your annual report or your termination. There are different documents for that but I mean kind of reality is as we file documents throughout the country nationwide and international we do APA steels which is a international legalization authorization of a document requires multiple steps and where we do it. We do a significant number of those as well. So there's UCC corporate APA steel registered agent and annual report which goes in line with with registered agent work that we do monitoring and I think that's that really does cover all the all the different types. Really the crux of what we do.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Multiply by all the ones that each state may each state may have for you to provide all those services right

Lee Scott: If you if you quit. Yeah that would be a tough number to quantify and then you have the county level as well.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Lee Scott: And then and then the city level. Yeah. So it is still pretty pretty uniform in the sense that if I wanted to file articles of incorporation in Texas yes that form is pretty standard. It's not the same as California but it's you know Texas is Texas it's pretty. Yes. Here's a document you need to do this. And we know we're very professional. I mean we've been in business this is our 40 year anniversary so this is our 40 year anniversary this year so we're excited about that

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Lee Scott: As well.

Malcolm Lui: So for 2019. Can you share some details and what your plans are. What gives are challenges that you foresee you need to overcome to accomplish the

Lee Scott: So the plan is is to continue the growth bolster kind of the sales and marketing team get that message out. We definitely want to grow that look forward. We're looking forward to probably another 15 to 20 percent growth this year certainly. And so that's that's the plan. That's the plan that is to continue to grow and push it being a teen also part of that is to continue to optimize areas with some of the electronic filings that are out the country more than that that deals with U.S. sees and even formation filings to try to automate some of that and and streamline the business to help help with growth as well help facilitate that growth that we anticipate 20 19 challenges. So the challenges is just I think going to be just the economy. We we do because we really work in the in the area of some of these financial transactions between real estate acquisitions or debt restructuring or venture capital money that that when we those commercial financial institutions when rates go up we tend to notice that because activity tends to slow slow a bit.

Their biggest challenge

Lee Scott: So economy economy is one thing that we we are and I am keeping my my eye on for 20 19. I mean I know that somewhere on the road there's gonna be a business cycle that isn't favorable to business so that you know we're anticipating that. And another reason for further pushing for wanting to continue to grow do keep our eyes on interest rates. We do keep our eyes on the economy and how things are going.

Malcolm Lui: Okay

Lee Scott: And so that's that's the biggest challenge I see really moving forward outside of that it's it's going to just keep doing what we're doing and keep doing what we're doing.

Malcolm Lui: Now you said about both during your sales and marketing team can you get some details on what the plans are there

Lee Scott: Well I haven't looked into the automation part of that which I definitely plan on doing. However it would be nice to maybe grow some of our LG asses. Two two three four five. And cover cover more. East Coast West Coast with account executives

Malcolm Lui: You said. LG s

Lee Scott: That would be lead generation specialist

Malcolm Lui: Ok

Lee Scott: So that they're good question. Good question. So that the individual who's generating the leads qualifying the lead contacting is their interest from this individual that that part of the work is where we call that a lead generation

Malcolm Lui: Ok

Lee Scott: Specialist.

Malcolm Lui: Please. And you mentioned that you are thinking about your planning to hire four or five more to enter into a different market. And you mentioned the East Coast side of us.

Lee Scott: We do cover East Coast and West Coast but to have an actual additive that could cover east coast would be would be wonderful. You know potentially grow to haven't another individual maybe Midwest.

Malcolm Lui: Okay

Lee Scott: And then after the West Coast West Coast rap Mitt Mitt Mitt and East Coast

Malcolm Lui: Okay. Now that you imagine the manager they're going to be sitting in your offices in California covering all these markets and you think they might actually have to be closer to the east coast and the Midwest and the West

Lee Scott: That move closer to the East Coast Midwest. Yes it would do that if they actually resided in in that area. Again the industry that we work in. Yes physical presence I think is as I've noticed many years past that individuals were where it seemed to me corporate was making a little bit of change where gifts were much more accepted and I could send you pins are still accepted name shirts and t shirts and kind of corporate gifts and then I noticed maybe it was 0 9 to 20 14 15 or so it seemed like a lot of companies were frowning upon they didn't you know gifts they didn't want there. So there was a kind of I felt like it in the in America there was a kind of a corporate culture change of of sense of potential bribery happening and for an individual who's you know I would say we're a mid-sized company I'm a pretty intimate with my clientele and intimate with the biz all. And just as an appreciation to share with them you know I like to send them some gift. And that was kind of I noticed it was a little bit. It seemed there was a little bit more difficult. And then in the recent past I think this has changed. Some of it is also the client tells us to focus on kind of in the legal industry in the legal industry is really all by appointment and face to face. You know I know. Is there more accustomed to face to face and in and watch him do that. It's a little more welcoming and I've really seen value over the last several years of a face to face you know kind of that we're here for

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Lee Scott: You that just face to

Malcolm Lui: All

Lee Scott: Face.

Malcolm Lui: Right

Lee Scott: There's there's I think value in

Malcolm Lui: Where

Lee Scott: The face to face

Malcolm Lui: Our lead generation specialists that are closer to your potential clients more helpful than not

Lee Scott: Well the lead generation specialist can be anywhere

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Lee Scott: That would could be California based. But the actual here account executives the sales representatives that have been visiting the clients

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay.

Lee Scott: And actually touching base with those those clients having them throughout the country would be would be valuable

Malcolm Lui: All right. And that's something that you're planning planning to do and she doesn't think he

Lee Scott: I'll plant that. That is the

Malcolm Lui: That

Lee Scott: Plan.

Malcolm Lui: Is a thing.

Lee Scott: Well that is the

Malcolm Lui: All

Lee Scott: Plan

Malcolm Lui: Right. How many looking to hire you looking to hire a handful of people or dozens of people.

Lee Scott: To handful a handful would be. That's probably fair. A handful

Malcolm Lui: Ok. So I know how many employees you have now 15. OK so that's a fairly big increase.

Lee Scott: Yes it is

Malcolm Lui: By 15 to 20. I mean and then that and they're not going to be in your office right. So you're not going to be seeing them every day

Remote vs local staff

Lee Scott: Well though. Yes. Yes. The lead generation specialists will have will have onsite so we'll do those. Those local for them. I am open and a and I do explore I am open to ideas of them working in any jaw throughout the country. I am open to that remotely. I am open to remote because I do have I have enough of the process and enough of information and tracking and like I say first quarter the numbers that you asked me about conversion rates and things I will have considerably more tools in place and reports in place to help better manage individuals no matter where they move throughout the country

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Lee Scott: And that's why the plan would be yes bring more individuals on to do more. And once those tools are in place it'll make that management considerably easier

Malcolm Lui: Yes. Now what do you do on the marketing front. Right. Are you running ads anywhere either online or traditional

Lee Scott: It's pretty it's pretty basic at the moment we do some social media we do e-mail blasts and that's that's pretty much the bulk of what we do I haven't ever done any any videos or any commercials I haven't done any any idea or comment in magazines at this point. I'm certainly going to explore moving forward to do to do some of that even even online and get back I haven't I have another avenue that I explore in 2019 that that maybe the paper click isn't going to be so so outrageous and it's it's a little bit of an edge because if I if I if you go to you know how to file my corporate document or every other filing corporate filing services out there you know there are these these really big dogs that they're very consumer driven and I kind of and that's the consumer side of things as I need to file my corporate or I need to create a corporation file a corporation start a corporate and that big heavy paper click neck of the woods that I've I've been there before I plan on taking another route of a little more Nietzsche a little more sophisticated search which is which is as an app steal and exploring that in tween

Malcolm Lui: Yep yeah.

Lee Scott: Because a lot of these bigger international companies need to do apps steel work because they're international and so they need these legalization done in and or at the done. Part of what they are talking Fortune 500 companies that didn't need this done and we do a fair amount with with some of those with those companies.

Malcolm Lui: Can you share the terminology you just used did you say Atlas. Is that the word the phrase that you just

Lee Scott: App apps deal app a steal or a term called legalization in. And so if a company is doing business in another jurisdiction or another country there are certain items that they need to have legalized who conduct business in those jurors in those countries

Malcolm Lui: Write in your name

Lee Scott: And so then they need Yeah and so they need those done to to conduct business in those countries.

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Lee Scott: And part of that process is failing in legalizing documentation

Malcolm Lui: Right. And in

Lee Scott: And it's a sophisticated failing it's not it's not for the faint faint hearted. I mean I think anybody can probably wake up tomorrow and start filing articles of incorporation with the secretary of state of California. It's pretty neat it's pretty. Yeah of course you have to have declined to send it to you to do it but it's it's not overly complex.

Malcolm Lui: Right

Lee Scott: Once you start getting into mergers and try or triangular merger things can get get very tricky. At the steal again depending on what if it's part of the Hague what country you're in. There are certain requirements for that. And so you need to know what

Malcolm Lui: Yep

Lee Scott: You're doing to do

Malcolm Lui: And

Lee Scott: That.

Malcolm Lui: You knew you brought up as an example of maybe this might be a paper click campaign idea that well that's not as competitive because it's it's not like a commercial a and consumer thing like filing it an LLC that everyone's competing for. Right it's more of a niche

Lee Scott: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: Area that people are are targeting a market like this one.

Lee Scott: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay

Lee Scott: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: Got it.

Lee Scott: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: So you know imagine you put a billboard on one of the the busy freeways in California the ones that are moving a gridlocked billboard there. I mean it's a different question if you're if you're talking about the ones I get you know that the parking lot during rush hour. But say it's one that's actually freely moving and is a billboard. People to me six seconds to read a billboard message. What is your core. Two thousand billboard message.

Lee Scott: Oh boy. Bill billboard to me would be a consumer and I would say incorporate today for free and I would give him the process around that.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. Now you're not serving that market right now though right.

Their six second billboard message

Lee Scott: I am not but a billboard would be if it was what kind of what is my what is our elevator pitch or what is our slogan. It would be just efficiency and processing documents precisely that maybe maybe I would maybe I would say that instead efficiency and processing documents precisely in some of the things I talked about before is our attention to detail allows us to precisely documents and it is essential that we do that because again these and I don't always know we don't always know the level of the deal that we're doing with meaning is it is it one million dollar deal. Is it 100 200 million dollar deal. I don't know. I don't know that I want to know

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Lee Scott: Either but it requires us to be perfect in what it is we do when we file or we're searching documentation

Malcolm Lui: All right.

Lee Scott: Pulling up that that diligence when there's a large deal at hand making sure in every jurisdiction you're compiling that proper that proper documentation doing the research work that it's done on very very

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Lee Scott: Well precisely.

Malcolm Lui: Totally. I can totally see how

Lee Scott: And so I would maybe say yeah efficiency in processing documents precisely

Malcolm Lui: Yeah it's a lot. Different ways you can slice it right. That would be like your your broader billboard. But if you're targeting V.C. for you could have another message that would be along those lines. But I think even more precise

Lee Scott: Yes or big big business services with a bowtie feel kind of another. We do. And that's a dedicated representative that you'll have representatives in. And then we have individuals in an organization. Ten years up and again I'm only 15. And within four individuals I have a verse. What is it over. Like 80 90 years worth of experience. It's it's we have vast experience we have vast knowledge and we're constantly compiling. Not to where it's accessible for newer entry individuals into the into the industry as well. It's kind of just an internal insight into the company you spend. We spend a lot of time on on not having tribal knowledge so to speak that we have resources accessible because things are a little bit different in every jurisdiction. And being again being able to know what to do where you are in that jurisdiction is very valuable very important.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah and they get a deal can be won or lost without one. One word. That's that's the misspoken displaced

Lee Scott: It can. Yeah. And if you if you don't dot that I or cross that T and it gets filed you let you potentially lose a

Malcolm Lui: Oh

Lee Scott: Client.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah or if it gets filed late. I mean he.

Lee Scott: I miss a dinosaur.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: I mean that's

Lee Scott: Yes

Malcolm Lui: The.

Lee Scott: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: They don't often give you you give you an extra five minutes just because you happen to be five minutes late. That's too bad. Yeah.

Lee Scott: No they do not. No they do not

Malcolm Lui: Next question for you. Who are your ideal clients. The best with it and the contact your firm

Their ideal clients

Lee Scott: It's so ideal clients are gonna be the law firms that deals specifically with with corporate finance venture capital private equity and the attorneys and paralegals that deal or commercial transactions that deal in in that in that world ideal transaction attorneys and paralegals finance companies. So if you're a commercial finance you do everything for a mobile homes up to all the financing as well as all the financing is very very popular very lucrative and also into commercial and other financial institutions. And then real estate companies that that purchase manage have multiple entities throughout the country or multiple properties that they manage. So real estate as well. And the best way to do that is going to be orders Corp. two thousand. So RDR s at corporate two thousand c o r p 2 0 0 0 dot com and a good number to resi is 9 1 6 4 4 1 2 6 2 6 again 9 1 6 4 4 1 2 6 2 6

Malcolm Lui: Awesome. Thanks for joining us today Lee in sharing how you accelerate your company's high value sales

Lee Scott: I appreciate the time.

Malcolm Lui: We've been speaking with Lee Scott, the Owner and President of Corp2000 about his company's rapid growth. For interviews with other fast growing high value sales companies, or to learn how we can accelerate your firm's high value sales, visit

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