Unleashing Individual Potential – Ricardo Campo of Endeavor Schools

Ricardo Campo, CEO of Endeavor Schools

Ricardo Campo, the CEO of Endeavor Schools, grew his company’s revenue from $8.2 million in 2014 to $67.2 million in 2017, a 716% increase, and to around $80 million in 2018.  

Endeavor Schools is a rapidly-growing family of private schools serving students from 6 weeks old through high school in 42 locations across 10 states.  

In this interview with Eversprint‘s Malcolm Lui, Ricardo  shares how he and his team accelerated their high value sales by:  

  • Acquiring private schools that have become great partners.  
  • Providing additional resources to their partner schools in the areas of HR, marketing, finance and academics.  
  • Developing and retaining the employees of their partner schools as well as those within the parent company.  

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Malcolm Lui: Welcome to the High Value Sales Show of Eversprint.com. I'm Malcolm Lui, the managing member of Eversprint. And today we're speaking with Ricardo Campo, the CEO of Endeavor Schools, a rapidly growing family of private schools serving students from six weeks old through high school in 42 locations across 10 states. Welcome to the call Ricardo.

Ricardo Campo: Thank you Malcolm. Pleasure.

Malcolm Lui: Ricardo you grew your company's revenue from $8.2 million in 2014 to $67.2 million in 2017, a 716% increase. And in 2018 you hit around $80 million in revenue. Before we talk about how you grew your company so fast, can you quickly share or rather briefly share what your company does beyond my quick intro and how your company differs from the competition?

Ricardo Campo: Sure Malcolm. So at Endeavor schools we partner with educators and essentially partner with schools and provide them with tools resources and guidance that they need to become the very best schools they can be. We are passionate about unleashing individual potential so that the students we serve thrive and times in our sector. The focus is on purely unleashing student potential. I would say that the way we differ is we're very very much focused as well on unleashing the potential of our educators and staff. So we spend a lot of time on professional development training as well as just celebrating all of the beats that our educators accomplish

Malcolm Lui: And how would you see it differ from the other private schools out there.

Ricardo Campo: With our organization. It's a very people centric organization and we're very much focused on collaboration ideas sharing coming together to actually exchanged the practices for schools. And so we give our educators the proper tools and proper channels to actually exchange ideas with each other. We have several committees that actually facilitate this across our network

Malcolm Lui: All right now you're different from just simply a private school with a lot of campuses. Right. It's more like you partner with the previous the developed private schools

Ricardo Campo: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: More than more than go ahead.

Ricardo Campo: Correct. So we have a number of different school brands. We have over 20 different school brands across those 42 that you mentioned. Think of Endeavor schools as sort of a parent company that provides all of the resources of the tools all of the infrastructure needed so that those schools can run successfully

Malcolm Lui: Now the 20 brands that you have now or those brands that existed prior to Endeavor schools or did endeavor create those brands themselves and you partner with other schools and you wrap them into these existing brands

Ricardo Campo: They existed prior. There is one brand that we're in the process of of launching which will be the first brand that we launch organically all of the other ones were started by someone else and we have acquired those and now manage them by our network of schools.

Malcolm Lui: All right. So a little bit different from your typical set up in so you grew a business a very rapidly. Right. Eight point two million in 2014 sixty seven point two million three years later in 2017 and this year looking to bump it up further to about 80 million. Can you share what the three biggest driver of your sales growth

Ricardo Campo: Yes. So so as we talked about our our model is a little bit unique because we do acquire a lot. We've been very acquisitive so I would say that being able to identify great partners has has a lot of our growth. So you know just purely being able to identify great partners. Secondly integration so really important for us to integrate these schools and to conduct really really smooth transitions from founder to our leadership. And so I think we've done a good job of doing that. And at the same time bringing incremental value to these schools being being the best possible partners to the school. And the second important kind of factor. And then thirdly I would say is the team you know just attracting the right people to the company and really having all of the right people on the bus as we as we continue to move forward and to grow

Malcolm Lui: So we see attracting the right people you're talking about people beyond the ones that are in the private schools that you're acquiring

Ricardo Campo: Yeah. It's really the support team around that. And so we have a number of those on our support team that are not at schools on the ground and whose job it is to provide all of the additional support and incremental value.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. Got it. So just to recap three biggest drivers of growth and big one acquisition might be fueling the sales growth through acquisition. And you do that by identifying great partners. The second one is that after do the integration of course you need to integrate them into your entire entire network of schools and bring value to the schools help them further. And then the third one is having the right team at the parent company to really do number one to number two

Retaining great talent a key driver as well.

Ricardo Campo: I think that's right. Malcolm I would add to the third is obviously to retain that great talent that we attract. And that's been done through very people centric culture that we that we really strive to maintain

Malcolm Lui: Ok. Can we go a little deeper into each of these three. You mentioned before the first one year growth addition by identifying a great partner. Can you share a little bit about what is a great partner and how do you identify them and how do you make the deals happen

Ricardo Campo: Yeah. So you know when you when you think of private schools. There are a number who were started by folks who are now looking to retire or transition away from the day to day though. Those are good potential partners for us. These are people who are looking for a steward to come in and assume responsibility for these schools. Our typical school is you know has been operating for a number of years has a good track record has a great reputation already and so those are great partners for us

Malcolm Lui: Okay. And how do you find these people

Ricardo Campo: So it is a you know it's a niche for sure. And so we spend a lot of time contacting school owners. We spend a lot of time at conferences where they might be word of mouth is really big for us as well. Obviously we have to do right by our partners and founders and make sure that their babies right the schools that they founded are thriving beyond them. And so I think all of those are the ingredients that have really helped us identify these these great partners

Malcolm Lui: How many such schools are out might be a good fit for your company.

Ricardo Campo: There. There are thousands of schools that would be a great fit and when you think about the types of schools that we own and operate the range from you know preschools. So when you think about preschool centers that are focused on ages zero to 5 and there are thousands and thousands of those out there and then we have schools that go beyond preschool into kindergarten all the way through high school. So there are also a number of independent privately owned and operated private schools across the country that at any given time might be right to kind of transition ownership.

Malcolm Lui: And how many staff at these schools typically have how big are these schools

Ricardo Campo: So it ranges our typical school serves about 200 students. And in terms of staffing our typical school probably employs about 30 people between teachers and administrators.

Malcolm Lui: And when they come on board your firm they become employees of endeavor or do they remain standalone business

Ricardo Campo: They do become endeavor employees when they join the organization.

Malcolm Lui: Okay. And can we talk a little bit about maybe one pin about acquisition. I'm sure you've talked in many schools and in some of them perhaps decide that that it's not a right time for them to join endeavour. What are the reasons why they say Yeah I'm interested but it's not a great fit right now.

Why a founder might not want to make a change

Ricardo Campo: I think there has to be a meaningful reason for a founder to want to transition out of the day to day and out of their ownership. A lot of times that might be retirement and into many times folks that we talked to aren't quite ready to retire and want to continue to be very involved in the day to day. So that might be a reason Malcolm is just not ready for a kind of a major life.

Malcolm Lui: Is I rarely issue a price that makes them say no that's not the right fit for me it's more of a lifestyle decision when anything else

Ricardo Campo: So yeah I mean we are pretty fair and generous when it comes to coming up with our evaluations. So we haven't really had any bottlenecks there in terms of coming up with the right price for a school

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay got it. So for number two you talk about when you integrate the schools and making sure that you're bringing value to the school that you're want. Can you give some details on what the value is that endeavor brings to a school that you acquire

Ricardo Campo: Yeah. So when you think about an independent small school like the ones we own. You know when there's sort of a founder that's bootstrapping and doing the very best they can to run a great school. They likely don't have all of the resources that we can bring to the table. So when you think about functions like h r marketing finance academics We've actually assembled a great team of seasoned leaders who bring a lot of additional guidance and support to schools. And so I would say that's been that's been big you know that that's been really a way that we can come in and add value and additional resources that the schools didn't have prior to endeavor.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. So are you looking for the ideal school partners you're looking for ones that are already in class on all those dimensions H.R. marketing finance academics are you. Are you looking for ones that have are more of a fixer upper. On the other extreme has some issues that you can really fix and bring value right away or you look for ones that might be in the middle. You can just get to tweak and optimize limit.

Ricardo Campo: That's a great question. So we're not expecting the schools that we form partnerships with to have all of these competencies and so we're very comfortable stepping into a situation where we are bringing in a lot of this expertise. We do need from from a partner school is the right people on the ground with the right mindset. So these are passionate dedicated educators that are doing a great job on the academic piece and that are providing the best possible academic outcomes. Those are great partners for us. We we actually prefer that the educators focus all of their time on the classroom and on ensuring great outcomes for students. And we feel very comfortable rolling up our sleeves and focusing on all of the other kind of back of the house things that I mentioned that need to be done well as you know as well for a school to thrive. That make sense.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah totally. Now as technology typically one of the areas that you helped him with both technology from a back office perspective and perspective as well as the technology they may be using for the education of the kids

Ricardo Campo: Absolutely. We do have an in-house technology team and typically we assess the school's kind of needs and what we find is there's usually an opportunity to really upgrade the tech and apps stack as well as bandwidth. So we certainly do bring that level of service with us as well. And then in terms of students

Malcolm Lui: Like

Ricardo Campo: Pretty similar I think there's more and more demand for technology resources in the classroom. And so we do spend a lot time looking into you know developmentally appropriate best practices when it comes to bringing more technology into a learning environment.

Malcolm Lui: So if I were to visit a bunch of Endeavor schools across the nation what I find similarities in terms of the the infrastructure that you provide them and both in the back office and the academic side or but are or does never kind of stay behind the scenes and I really want to notice it

Ricardo Campo: I think that back at the house clearly you would find similarities in terms of all of the systems and processes that we employ front of the House might be a little different. Our schools are pretty unique and we're you know we're we're partnering with different types of schools. We have Montessori schools we have schools that are Reggio inspired. We have more traditional prep type school. And so you will find differences in terms of the front of the House offering for sure Malcolm

Malcolm Lui: Look interesting. Thanks for sharing that. Now the third step the I guess the glue that really makes it all happened right is are the people finding the right support staff to provide the value to schools. Obviously you have a team that is very good at identifying partners to do positions in shallow details on that maybe start with your team that helps with the acquisitions. How did they go about finding schools to begin the outreach and see if they're interested in merging in partnering with their company

How they find schools to acquire

Ricardo Campo: Yes. So we do a lot of proactive kind of direct outreach to schools. We also partner with business brokers whose job it is to find new ownership for folks who are looking to transition out of their school ownership. So

Malcolm Lui: Like

Ricardo Campo: The combination of kind of direct outreach as well as working with great intermediaries that help us to grow as well

Malcolm Lui: Now is it. Is it pretty simple to find relatively simple in all of these private schools are they a member of a association. Is there a government directory of private schools that you can turn to to find them

Ricardo Campo: You know it it's not as easy as you would think it's easy to find lists of schools. It's harder to determine which of those might be ready for a transition or an exit like the one we talked about. So that does take a lot of patience and getting to know folks and patiently waiting for them to be ready. And so sometimes it may take many years of cultivating a relationship before school actually is ready to transition over to us.

Malcolm Lui: So finding the schools isn't so difficult is it finding it's finding the owners of the school fairly straightforward

Ricardo Campo: That's somewhat Malcolm. Sometimes when when they are involved in the day today then it may be as simple as just reaching out to the school readily. In some instances the owners may not be at the school day to day. And so that that might be a little trickier

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay. And then initial outreach is a simple phone call. So can I. You know with yourselves to you and share how we can help you start how it is or are there other ways of beginning the outreach.

Ricardo Campo: Yeah correct. It's a phone call an email message a letter. And again just having a presence at some of the industry associations and that they may be attending

Malcolm Lui: Do you do a lot of marketing do outside of the industry conferences and trade shows to let them know that endeavor schools is out there and an option to consider when they're ready to make a change.

Ricardo Campo: We. We could do more of that. I think you know we do very little broad kind of marketing. We do a lot more very direct marketing to potential donors. And I would say it's it's a very tailored personalized kind of outreach message that we that we typically deploy

Malcolm Lui: Right. It's more of a you do your research on the owner of the possible. Try to figure out where the schools are currently academically and then you'd be in an hour each and then I imagine if someone is in their 40s and just start the school that would be a lot different from someone who might be 55 and has been running the school for the past 15 years.

Ricardo Campo: Right. That's right.

Malcolm Lui: Okay got it. Now in terms of the support side the value side. How do you go about determining who you need. How many people you need and how do you go about retaining them.

Ricardo Campo: Yeah. So it's all about what the schools need most. And so the way our organization runs is we we don't have the typical kind of corporate team. In fact we try very hard not to use it. We have a support team and everyone on that support team has a role that's aligned to adding value to a school and ensuring that they are supporting the school based on the school needs. And so as you can imagine there are a couple of areas right that that we focus on given it's such a people centric organization and what we do is very much people heavy H.R. is pretty important. And so we have each our team that is ready to help not only with integrating new people but also to making sure that we're retaining great people at these schools. We like to be proximate to our schools. So operationally directors that report up to our Chief Operating Officer and these regional directors typically are helping support a group of schools. So call it you know anywhere from five to eight schools where they're able to be very proximate. They're able to be constantly visiting these schools and ensuring that the schools have what they need to properly run you know marketing is an area where we bring a lot of value and we're able to come in and offer additional lead gen opportunities to our schools. We centralize a lot of that but then also when you think about learning those leads you know we need to train these folks on the ground on how to convert those leads into enrollments. And so we do have a CRM that we rollout that's pretty tailored to our sector and we help with a lot of the training and the ongoing kind of support and follow up around that Malcolm. You mentioned technology. We do have an in-house I.T. support team that ensures that the schools are headed and what they need happen tools that they need to run the day to day to manage the different systems that we bring to the table as well.

Malcolm Lui: Can you talk a little bit about the Legion that you do for the school's

Ricardo Campo: Yes. So we have a marketing team that helps generate leads to the schools both both digitally as well as you know different sort of local kind of initiatives that we help oversee and provide collateral for

Malcolm Lui: Okay. Can you talk a little bit about the digital programs that your team does for the schools.

Ricardo Campo: Yeah so. So we spend a lot of time really on on both SGA and see to make sure that our schools Web sites are getting a lot of attention and a lot of traffic. And so that that is a big focus of ours when it comes to marketing the content piece is obviously very important. I think the challenge there is because we do have so many brands. There's a lot of work that goes into building the content for all of the different brands. And so are our marketing team is very very busy as you can imagine

Malcolm Lui: So each school gets different content then because each has a different brand

Ricardo Campo: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: And what about a paid digital ads for the schools does that make sense

Ricardo Campo: We. We do a lot of that as well. For the schools

Malcolm Lui: And you do it all in-house or do they typically bring in some folks that live and breathe the. The paid advertising you know 24 by 7

Ricardo Campo: You know it's a combination. We have some expertise and we leverage a broader team externally as well to help with that

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay. And what have you found has been the best source of leads for the schools. The ones that give you the best are why

Ricardo Campo: In terms of digital or all leads across the board.

Malcolm Lui: The digital. And then also maybe all leads across the board.

Ricardo Campo: Yeah well I'll start with all these across the board if you can. If you can imagine when you think about a school. It's a very delicate sale right. We're talking about being entrusted with the customer's most precious asset right. Their children. And so word of mouth is super important. And typically a conversion on a word of mouth leads is higher. This is when a trusted friend neighbor relative has referred somebody to one of our schools. Typically that's that's a very very high value lead that we need to nourish and have a really good shot at converting on the digital side. As you can imagine you know that's that's a very different approach where we're going to going a little more more broad we're reaching out to folks who probably do have kids and meet our demographics but perhaps have never even heard of the school until the conversion on those kinds of leads is lower. You know we do we do spend a lot of time thinking about you know different strategies and ways to get in front of the right decision makers there as well

Malcolm Lui: For the digital marketing side scan you have 20 different brands. It sounds like it. One of the challenges that you're going to have 20 different ideal parent profiles that you're targeting as well.

Ricardo Campo: Yeah.

Malcolm Lui: Would you

Ricardo Campo: That's a good point Malcolm. There's there's different personas that we that we need to obviously market to and cater to.

Malcolm Lui: Right. How does your teen deal with that. I mean it's not even just 20 different persona you have 20 different brands but then within each of those and you probably have multiple personas within them as well. I mean there's quite a bit of a of a personalities to keep in mind when you're developing the marketing plans.

Each school keeps their secret sauce

Ricardo Campo: That's absolutely right. Yes it's interesting. I mean our brands appeal to different folks for different reasons. And so ultimately we do need to keep track of each school's secret sauce. Right. Value preposition and make sure that it speaks to the people market. So it is a lot to keep track of for sure.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Now do you find that there's a commonality among all the private schools in terms of you know the different customer avatars you have yet to use like the one biggest reason why people choose the endeavor schools above all the other options that they have with that one reason. B what pain point does the endeavor schools solve for them.

Ricardo Campo: You know I would probably answer that question. I would probably vacate the schools a little bit. So when you think about the early education centers the preschools those parents I would say they're you know they're they're really looking for you know trusted caregivers and early educators that they can entrust their their children with. So they're they're very much looking for a high level of of care and dedication. They're very much looking for safety and security. When you go beyond preschool and into kindergarten and elementary school middle school high school I would say that that parents shift a lot of their attention to to academic now. So obviously they want a very safe and secure school with with people who who care at the school about their children they're very much also looking for academic success at that level as well. So that make sense.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah it does have a. How much does that pit play a role in terms of the schools being convenient to where they live where they work. Easy drop off easy pickup

Ricardo Campo: It plays a big role. So obviously proximity to people's homes is important when you think about making making a decision for school. I would say it's more important. Again with the early education centers a little less important when you think about elementary middle high think there people are usually willing to travel a little more to get to the right school

Malcolm Lui: Right now the private schools in your network typically provide bus options as well

Ricardo Campo: There. There is some transportation that we that we offer as well though I would say that it's it's a smaller percentage of the population that option to our transportation

Malcolm Lui: Right now do you view the public schools as their competitors or is this totally different market given how your schools teach the same way.

Ricardo Campo: No for sure. Our public schools are always a substitute and a strong competitor and they're fantastic public schools out there that do a great job. And so obviously it's hard to compete with free. So I would say that you know public schools is a great option. In fact 90 percent of the population opts into that option. There's also charter schools Malcolm which are publicly privately managed. So they are also competition for us. There are all kinds of specialty schools religious schools and so there's no lack of competition really. You know our our job is to run the very very best programs possible and ensure that we're bringing incremental value above and beyond what these families can get for free in their local communities.

Malcolm Lui: Right for two thousand ninety. Share some details on your plan

Ricardo Campo: Yes. Two thousand nineteen is going to be a great year for us. We're very excited. We're actually launching our own brand which will be called in Denver Montessori. These will be new schools that we will be launching from the ground up. And we've got two right now in development so we're really excited about that. We plan to continue to add existing schools as well by acquisition. And so there will be kind of a dual effort of acquiring as well as ramping up brand new schools.

Malcolm Lui: When you acquire schools. How do you typically fund that are you leveraging up your balance sheet. Borrowing and using that to buy the schools the equity swap type situation. How do you typically fund your acquisitions

How they fund their acquisitions

Ricardo Campo: We've got great equity partners and debt partners. And so you know we've got two different types of capital partners that that we utilize to actually fund acquisitions.

Malcolm Lui: Though. Typically when someone partners up with you or are they just receiving a cash payout or are they receiving equity in an endeavor that sort of type of arrangement

Ricardo Campo: It's a cash pay.

Malcolm Lui: For the new branded endeavor Montessori schools that you're putting out. What's your marketing plan for them.

Ricardo Campo: Yeah. So we're really excited about this one. We've got within our 42 schools we've got about two Missouri schools and these these 20 Montessori schools you know have been operating successfully for many many years in some cases north of 30 years. And so we've got a ton of great people understand Montessori really well and these Montessori inns really live and breathe this philosophy. And so our plan with Endeavor Montessori is really to leverage all of this internal know and capture all of the different best practices that we see across all of these different brands and bring them into one brand one school. And so that's that's really exciting for us. And so we're spending a lot of time really capturing all of these different monasteries schools right and kind of consolidating it all into one brand

Malcolm Lui: Ok. And so your mandatory school is to be rebranded as Endeavor Missouri or they will continue with their existing name

Ricardo Campo: The existing schools will continue to operate as they have been. And so the new kind of de novo Montessori schools take on the new brand

Malcolm Lui: Right. And how you can get the word out taking it build the brand. I know that there's a there's a new Montessori school out there out there and available

Ricardo Campo: Yeah that that that is gonna be a big big challenge but a fun one. We're excited about it. We have a marketing team that's working hard on this very effort. And it's gonna be a combination of of different activities. Obviously digital but also a lot of PR events and a lot of local marketing will be necessary as well.

Malcolm Lui: Now when you're picking your locations from these schools. I take it you probably focus on areas where there are no Montessori options to be the first mover or where you take the other tack where you'll see a successful Montessori program. You know there is a market for those for that program hence you will be located not too far away from that school

Ricardo Campo: That's a great question. Montessori has been growing quite a lot and it's it's kind of difficult these days to find a market that that doesn't have some sort of Montessori presence. And so we fully expect for there to be other Montessori options the markets that we're targeting. And so I think I think Malcolm you know we want to be careful to not saturate the market with with Montessori but we do see a lot of interest in this learning. And so we're excited about that. We do a lot of supply and demand analysis. We're obviously focused on markets that are growing especially around you know families and young children. And so be careful when it comes to site selection just to make sure that there is going to be sufficient demand to fill up our schools

Malcolm Lui: What D.C. is the biggest challenge for growing your Montessori. Your new Montessori brand. What's the name of the brand is going to become endeavor Montessori or something else.

Ricardo Campo: Yes endeavor Montessori schools will be the brand.

Malcolm Lui: Okay. So what's the biggest challenge you see for marketing and sales front to get lift off.

Biggest marketing and sales challenge for their new brand

Ricardo Campo: It's a very local. So when you think about a school you know you mentioned proximity and how important that is. We need to get really really proximate. And so when you have sort of a national network schools and a centralized marketing force you know I think that that'll be the biggest challenge is just making sure that we can leverage great folks on the ground that can complement our centralized marketing efforts. And so that partnership is very important between the folks on the ground and the marketing experts that we bring to the table.

Malcolm Lui: Right now I see when I sing my background we should have over a thousand employees right now. It was a total headcount right now

Ricardo Campo: Yeah. We're asking a hundred

Malcolm Lui: 16 and you are way over the number I have there. So 60 hundred employees. How many of those are in your head office in the parent company that provides of your support services

Ricardo Campo: With

Malcolm Lui: In acquisition

Ricardo Campo: That we've got roughly 40 40 people on the support team

Malcolm Lui: Right. So. So we. And another question can I. Was in the back of my mind I should ask that earlier as you acquire new companies you mentioned how you have a support team for each school. So I did scale up on your support side as well as you increase your your network

Ricardo Campo: Yeah that's right.

Malcolm Lui: Ok is there a magic number for how many support staff you need per school

Ricardo Campo: Well it's it's not linear. But right now we're running at about a 1 to 1 ratio

Malcolm Lui: Ok. So you acquire one new partner school. So right now you need to acquire one additional support staff to go with it.

Ricardo Campo: Kind of Malcolm. What's hard about answering that question is L.A. Times the additional support staff Is lumpy so it's based on what's most needed. And so it does it's not you know a magical kind of require school at a person. It's really more you know as we're applying you know what is our plan for the next 12 months around additional support staff within the different departments. So I'm just using a very rough kind of ratio based on what we have today.

Malcolm Lui: Three last questions for you. So you know imagine someone's on a on a freeway somewhere and you have a billboard running. What. And typically people only see a billboard for six seconds before they drive by. What is the endeavor schools billboards. The sixth second message both

Ricardo Campo: We're

Malcolm Lui: That the

Ricardo Campo: We are passionate about unleashing individual control. So the students we serve thrive. That's that's our way Malcolm. That's why we do this. That's why we get out of bed more

Malcolm Lui: Ok. So. So that's quite a bit to fill quite a bit to put on a billboard. So what would you say we help students thrive. But I mean the message

Ricardo Campo: We unleash individual potential

Malcolm Lui: All right. That's a good one. And then my find my final two questions for you. Who are your ideal partners your ideal private schools to to join your network and what's the best way for the owners of those schools to reach out to your teen

Their ideal partners

Ricardo Campo: Yeah. So we're looking for well-established private schools anywhere from from you know serving infants to high school that have a great team on the ground have been you know building up their community successfully. A great track record and are ready to transition. So these are her founders who are ready to retire or have any kind of life event that would require them to transition the ownership of that school. I'd be great partners for us. And what what I would tell those potential partners is that we really do want to be the best possible stewards of these schools. Obviously founder exits it creates a huge leadership gap. And so we work very very diligently to fill that gap as best we can in terms of contacting

Malcolm Lui: Or

Ricardo Campo: Us. We have a Web site. W w w dot endeavor schools dot com and there's some information there for potential partners as well as contacting me directly my email addresses are S.A. MPO at Endeavor schools dot com

Malcolm Lui: All right. Fantastic. Thanks so much for joining my show today. Ricardo and sharing how you grew your company's sales so rapidly.

Ricardo Campo: Perfect Malcolm thank you so much for the invite.

Malcolm Lui: For interviews with other fast growing high value sales companies or to learn how we can accelerate your firm's high value sales through automation, visit Eversprint that.

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