Wealth Empowerment – Jay Morrison of Jay Morrison Academy

Jay Morrison, CEO and Founder of the Jay Morrison Academy

Jay Morrison, the CEO and Founder of the Jay Morrison Academy, grew his company’s revenue from $274,000 in 2014 to $2.6 million in 2017, a 850% increase, and to around $4 million in 2018.  

Jay Morrison Academy is a premier wealth education institute.  

In this interview with Eversprint‘s Malcolm Lui, Jay shares how he and his team accelerated their high value sales by:  

  • Physically moving to Atlanta, Georgia, to be closer to their core market, those who did not have access to wealth building education in their schooling.  
  • Making themselves more accessible to their core market by having more customer service staff and consultants available by telephone.  
  • Connecting with people face to face through national tours and classes literally held for free at street corners.  

Jay Morrison Academy Interview - (computer generated transcript) (transcribed by Sonix)

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Malcolm Lui: Welcome to the High Value Sales Show of Eversprint.com. I'm Malcolm Lui, the Managing Member of Eversprint, and today we're speaking with Jay Morrison, the CEO and Founder of the Jay Morrison Academy, a premier wealth education institute. Welcome to the call Jay.

Jay Morrison: Thanks for having me Malcolm.

Malcolm Lui: Jay, you grew your company's revenue from $274,000 in 2014 to $2.6 million in 2017, an 850% increase and in 2018 you hit around $4 million. But before I ask you how you grew your company so fast, can you briefly share more about what your company does beyond my quick intro and also discuss how your company differs from the competition?

What they do

Jay Morrison: So I'd love to see what our company does is we make wealth education more affordable more accessible and more relatable than the average person is able to be able to ingest it or have access to it. And so we have a core curriculum that we call the RBC is similar to how in school we learned our ABC as well we understand is a fundamental education needed for about family wealth and legacy. That curriculum revolves around real estate business and credit. Right. Or RBC. And so that's what we primarily teach as well as some elective courses are we do so through online trainings through one on one coaching workshops boot camps books and any other ways that you can digest or ingest wealth education.

How they differ

Malcolm Lui: Investing. And how would you differ from your competition

Jay Morrison: Well what where we differ from our competition is kind of in that those those three points is that most we all well when folks understand the value of wealth education is really priceless right. When you really teach someone how to make money out of thin air how generate wealth how to create businesses how to syndicate deals how to understand and evaluate real estate how to acquire real estate how to leverage credit build credit repair. All these things are really pieces of an invaluable information nearly priceless. And so most institutions most gurus most expert trainers who understand this information and who understand that most folks don't get it at home because most parents will come from wealthy backgrounds or can even teach just their children. And none of our school systems teach this. Of a premium price on it and it makes it usually unacceptable for the average working class American. And so where we have found the niche and where we differ is that we make sure that we give this information and we give it out of mobility we make sure that are price points even for premium services such as one to one coaching are not at the top of the market and that they are what we wanted to consider realistic for the working class person or for the OR for the new entrepreneur as well as we make sure that we translate wealth education in a way that is very relatable to everyone from all walks of life whether you whether you're a millennial whether you are a veteran whether you're a retiree with urban background you want to make sure that education is not too complicated.

Jay Morrison: It's not just for a sophisticated or overly educated but where everyone can access it and everyone can relate to it. And so that's kind of been and we've we've done so in ways where we've even taught 50 Wolf Jason corner classes where we go to inner cities and we teach it for free on street corners as a sample to get people the first steps of wealth education in regards to home ownership or the beginnings of credit. What you can bring is information at times more free directly to people in underserved communities. And that's kind of been one of our bigger niches and a difference differentiates us from the competition is that we're very relatable very accessible

Malcolm Lui: Ok relatable and accessible. That's not the key differentiator. Can you share the price for your product and services from the lowest product you offer and your most expensive

Jay Morrison: For quite some time now. We've offered a free opportunity on our Web site. Jay Morrison Academy to join our free wealth creators community where there's a series of lectures courses and resources for people to really get their first start in understanding for absolutely nothing. And so that's been going on for quite some time. I'm not sure when that'll end. So we've always given out free samples and mean have 1000 lectures on my YouTube channel. Mr. Jay Morrison so we make sure that we give people a start who can't even afford it show them where they can start. That's one thing but then when we go into our tuition or pay trainings the those range usually from 97 bucks sometimes lost 47 bucks if it's a one off webinar but ninety seven bucks for curriculum or ninety seven bucks a month curriculum that could easily be a three thousand dollar curriculum all the way through to our CEOs advanced program which is like an eleven thousand dollar course that we often discount for as low as 1000 dollars to get over one hundred fifty eight exclusive lectures resources business plan check list business funding check list. Really deep dives on how to create your business how to how to run your business brand your business how to evaluate velocity beauty real estate build teams. I mean not surface level stuff. And so we try to do so which is really affordable you know all the talk to our coaching where even for myself as a you know Inc 5000 CMO on a very successful reputable CEO where you know most folks in my position you know Coach you for six months to a year probably for under 50 to 100 grand. We try to keep our closing price point you know well under that that type of retainer

Malcolm Lui: Ok right now. He should have been about the three most important factors behind your growth over the past few years from two hundred seventy four thousand in 2014 all the way to around 4 million which has an 18

Growth factors

Jay Morrison: Sure. So I think three things happen that that really accelerated our company's revenue growth. One is we made a geographical change. We looked at our market and we have done three or four national tours where we literally went anywhere from 10 to 25 cities and held free events from workshops at libraries to meet and greets and lounges or hotel lobbies all the way to those corner classes I spoke of. And so we've we really tested the market around the country and in dozens of cities and seen where we had big bases and we saw that although we are based out of New York New Jersey area we got a great market there. You saw there was a lot of traction in the Atlanta Georgia area. And so in sixteen you're 26 sitting on twenty seventeen we made us twenty six years usually we measure people's down to Atlanta Georgia. We moved the companies down to Atlanta and where there were was a very high climate for entrepreneurship here. Very active real estate market. And it just really fit our company and where we were going and so we were able to find great talent here. We were able to get a lot of relationships here in the city and that was able to one one start to our growth. So really looking at a market that we can thrive in LA Times we get comfortable in where our home base is.

Jay Morrison: And then we don't really consider geographical changes as a CEO's mix and as an entrepreneur or leaders. And so in a matter of months it actually was after our second quarter class. Right. So we we did a corner class here in Atlanta and a section called bank head and that corner class brought out 90 attendees. They literally standing up on the corner learning you know real estate and wealth education and we were blown away because this concept was holding in my head Hey let's just teach on a corner see what happens. Let's just just pull out a flip chart to Instagram post and tell folks to come out to this particular corner and we're gonna teach free class and we did one in Baltimore and you worked up pretty well and then we came to Atlanta and we just got one. And when I seen that folks flew in from literally flew in from Montana they flew in from Washington State they flew in from DC they flew in from all over the country to attend this class in the corner and obviously to Lana. Lana locals. I was like You know what. I think our our movement on this will go well here. And as I was having a conversation someone interrupted me from across the parking lot and said hey Jay I'll like you move it meant keep it going.

Jay Morrison: And there was just a high energy here for us in a matter of two to four months I moved the entire organization down here. So I made a strategic change in strategic because it very quickly. That was one. Secondly is we opened up and allow people again the accessibility piece we allowed more rock to statuettes to be able to call us. You know where a lot of our communications were online driven. You know we said we said to folks you know what. Let's open up our customer service lines let's hire some consultants to really walk people through this stuff. I mean we assume that most people just can read and digest the Web site or email blast and then be able to make a determination of what they want to do with their life and where they want to make an investment of their time and resources. And again through our accessibility piece we felt that some telephone dialogue and some consultation dialogue would bode well with our core audience. And as we did that we saw a dramatic increase in response and revenue. And so that was a kind of a second key piece. And then thirdly it was it was the tours and it was it was touching the people. Most times you get very successful entrepreneurs such as myself and others they're there you know really hard to tell.

Relatability and Touchability

Jay Morrison: I mean you know they did a breeze into a workshop or boot camp and a breeze right out. You know you just don't get them unless the big ticket figure and I understand is exclusivity and supply and demand all those things. But we kind of we kind of kind of book that that at Montara and that ideology and you know just as myself I was spent extra time at events with people I would take extra pictures or help extra conversations I come kind of come off the high horse and say you know the goals in mind my state is most influence regardless of how big my social media is growing or how well my other companies are doing or any of that stuff or you'll get some viral videos that went out and etc. but it was like you know I want to stay a man of the people stay relatable and in that kind of relate ability and touch ability so to speak kind of bled through organization and so everyone kind of spent a little extra time with customers and students and just going the extra mile and that is kind of panned out for us to kind of get to kind of all the money poured in and growth that we've had

Malcolm Lui: Fantastic. Let me recap what you shared with me or your three biggest drivers to make sure I have it all squared away in my notes and in my mind. So the three biggest drivers one making the geographical shift from New York to Atlanta Georgia and the other big one because your market was their second one was that you made it yourself more accessible for beauty which you literally by phone and so just having people communicate you via online. And then the third factor to get to the next step and made it more accessible for people to reach you in person as well

Jay Morrison: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: As that about sum it up.

Jay Morrison: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: Okay fantastic. Now you mentioned one comment to talk a bit more about the movement. What is your movement in and why do you think it's resonating people.

Jay Morrison: Yeah our movement. If I could kind of sum of sum it up as like kind of wealth empowerment for all right. And so it's really not just the wealth education institute but it's really wealth education movement as saying hey we all deserve to at least have a shot by learning some of these fundamental fundamentals right like we learn photosynthesis in school we learn volleyball in our sex ed driver's ed we learn geometry in school. But why did we learn credit fight utilization ratio. Why did we learn to go buy a home with 3 percent down. Why did we learn you know what an LLC is and how easy it is to create one. And we believe in and I believe especially coming from an underserved background and a diverse background. I believe that that's the only thing that gave me a shot at life. I mean you know with my upbringing I wasn't supposed to be where I'm at today. And so my you know my heart is in it and I want to give everyone that shot. And so I think people resonate with the fact that we are for the underdogs and we are making high level information available for everyone through our curricula. And you know that that's really the movement is the wealth education for all. Give everybody a chance to learn the same thing and have a even playing field relief from education standpoint. And then you've got to go hustle.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Got it now. Factor number one Atlanta Georgia. Did you do a lot quant analysis before you moved down there or just after you did your talk. There you go. Yes. Knew it. Yes knew that it was the right place to be.

Jay Morrison: Yeah it was really instinctive and almost spiritual. I just knew it. You know it wasn't much a bunch of analysis you know. I mean we we didn't know was have you marketers we had some traction we saw some of our you know some of our kind of stats but it was like No this the market for us this is where not only do we have a customer base but I felt like we would get the kind of support that we would need. And it's definitely got once we came here.

Malcolm Lui: Now can you give me a picture of what these corner talks are like. Like these pick any old corner just like that or did you get the earrings in advance of the city get permits and so on and and how long does it last your your your your

Their Corner Classes

Jay Morrison: So the corner classes we have not gotten a permit for anyone. We've done over 50. We just picked the most underserved corner and most communities. I'll have my assistant or our event planner look into Hey or I'll do it Instagram pollster Asimo folks I may know from the city hey you know where's the hood right. Where are people underserved and struggling that where they're not getting this information. And they'll tell us you usually the area where most people wouldn't want to step foot and will literally go there and we'll double tell everybody Hey we're gonna be on Marcy Avenue and Fordham Road in Brooklyn we're gonna be more or forward in the Bronx or Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn or we're going to be you know Liberty City in Miami or we're gonna be here in Dallas Houston Crenshaw Boulevard in L.A. or Milwaukee Detroit Chicago on the west side near the projects right. We really go in. We just promote it again via social media and in a few emails on our team comes out and we you know usually see crowds from I think our largest crowd three hundred and ninety three hundred ninety people on the corner just learning standing

Malcolm Lui: Okay.

Jay Morrison: Kids on their hips baby strollers out like everyday working class folks who just come out to get information that they've never had access to in our life. And

Malcolm Lui: Right. And how long does the class last

Jay Morrison: They're typically about two hours. They make over. If we're in the spirit it may go over two and a half and even three hours with pictures and some video ops afterwards. But about the our class

Malcolm Lui: And it go ahead.

Jay Morrison: Yeah I do have to say the last year and a half I've been able to share those classes with who is now my wife. She started out as his colleague and someone who's a renowned and poet Ernestine Morrison Well she was Ernestine Johnson and I asked her to come on tour to share some poetry with our our crowd and audiences and she would you know. And power through poetry and really bring people to tears literally on the corner and then so she joined me on tour about a year and a half ago and we end up dating and then we end up becoming married in that year and a half. And so my wife has joined me on those those tours as well using her gift poetry to empower people kind of spiritually and emotionally.

Malcolm Lui: Very cool.

Jay Morrison: Yeah thank you.

Malcolm Lui: Now when you do these classes is like a big production or is it get you there with the white with a pair it with a whiteboard and a tripod mounted on and some markers and you're good to go or do you have like you know TV monitor big speakers set up your wireless mikes and everything.

Jay Morrison: Yeah great.

Malcolm Lui: A bigger production

Jay Morrison: Yeah great

Malcolm Lui: Is it

Jay Morrison: Question. You know when I first started out literally it will be me. I would fly all by myself. The first you know three years ago the first tour I like not put this in. And in retrospect this is like the beginning stages of you know building revenue in our company. Right. And so small company you know you mentioned with some of the early numbers. So I just fly out by myself. I literally rent a car. I drive to a local office Max or staples. I'd get a flip chart get a marker and promote the corner and we'd have about 30 to 50 people come out you know maybe 70 people come out and I just teach around the corner by myself. No video I for. I have my phone. I usually have some kind of intern maybe or someone local that you know who knew of us well you know hold the phone or recorded or take some pictures. And that was it. It was like a really a one man band no assistant no nothing. Just just out there. And then it grown over the three years to be cool like you said a full production. I mean we got you know you know two to three person videographer team you know wireless mikes two assistants. You know my wife out. We had six you know two security guards. I made it again you're looking at crowds now you know 2 3 400 people. So it started to grow and our influence our popularity was growing and so you know we had to have kind of different measures in place and so yeah it became by last year kind of Kingwell a full blown thing.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Jay Morrison: What

Malcolm Lui: And no longer random Come on you have room for 300 400 people I don't think you can just pick an intersection you're gonna be disrupting the city's traffic flow

Jay Morrison: You have to be raised T.J. as we thought of crowds drawing and are are cheating about where we did a match. So yeah we had try to find cuts or corners with vacant lots or just areas that could really hold. Kind of you know a mass amount of people but it looks really cool though you see the videos and see the pictures but you know you just seeing regular people and people coming off of work with their work uniforms on and just you know even you know high level NFL athletes came out and others celebrities came out just to watch support their city and and learn from us. And so you know that kind of grassroots campaigning really was the foundation targets our company

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Now it must shock some people around me if I were walking along and I saw two hundred three people in a crowd and then I check it out. People must be surprising that you're talking more financial stuff and that you have captured this size audience right.

Jay Morrison: Absolutely. Because I mean used to usually go but is it a magic show. Is it music somebody's dancing like you know what was

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

Captivating people for hours

Jay Morrison: Was captivating these people for hours I mean literally I would be teaching and I would like never see anyone leave and I would think like I got to begin board now. They've got the feet has to be hurting and hurting now like the people would be in it shows you the love that the dire need and a level of of just thirst and want that people have for this information it's like no I'm not going anywhere like I'm never going to I've never got a chance to get information right. And so if someone's going to break it down to me and make it relatable and digestible for me right now like I'm going to. And so we've literally had moms single moms come up to me after with three kids and like crying like Jay you don't know if my family. We had no idea about any of this stuff

Malcolm Lui: Again you see there I can hear you.

Jay Morrison: Yeah I'm back. Apparently my Do not disturb didn't work as well. I just got a call coming in but good. So

Malcolm Lui: Ok.

Jay Morrison: If you repeat that

Malcolm Lui: So not there. No. No. We're just talking about the you know the enthusiasm that your crowd us

Jay Morrison: Yeah

Malcolm Lui: Crowd has. Which is fantastic. Now that corner class gave you this idea of of doing these things. This is a guy who sounds like a page of the guerrilla marketing book

Jay Morrison: Yeah I was just like early on in my career and in this particular company I was just hanging out with a couple of my proteges one day and I was like You know what guys I think I think it would be cool to kind of just go to the hood man. So I kind of do some called foot hopping. That was my first thing. Do

Malcolm Lui: Herd hopping.

Jay Morrison: You go to different neighborhoods just pull up in a BMW you hop out pull a white put out the trunk. Hey guys you want to learn you know how to flip a house. And that was kind of the first concept nearby. Oh yeah that'd be cool that'd be cool. And then I you know sit down and we're back to work and did nothing. Right.

Malcolm Lui: All right.

Jay Morrison: It was one of those harebrained ideas we get a CEO's and you just you know kind of shelf it and sounded good and thereby is again we just didn't do it. And then it

Malcolm Lui: All

Jay Morrison: Does

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Jay Morrison: A year later I was like remember the idea I was talking about like what's stopping us from actually doing it. Like let's just try it. And I did. I just told some of my staff I said hey let's pick a corner at the time we were doing some development work in Baltimore. I said hey let's let's do a corner class. And I kind of changed the name at that point I said you know let's call it corner class. And I said let's go corner class in Baltimore. And I said okay cause we picked a picket block Dolphin Street in Harlem and on the west side of Baltimore it was a kind of block where two streets met at a triangle. So it's a nice kind of you know learning area for us and kind of like a little Shim island. And we did it. We just picked the street and we could date and time it actually was February in about 59 degrees. So that wasn't the best time to do it. I clearly remember I had gloves with the fingers cut out of the gloves and you know full winter jacket on and we had no idea anyone would show up. But people aren't going to show is too cold and like 50 to 60 folks showed up and we talked in response. I was like amazed you just like you said you just never seen anything like it. And we've never seen anything like it. Right. So I pictured in my head but I never actually saw it and going to see it and get the response from people in their appreciation. It just became infectious. And then we went on to do about the 18 more classes that year I think 25 the next year and on and on.

Malcolm Lui: Very cool. Kind of makes me wonder if I should do a do a class coyote who shows up.

Jay Morrison: You never know.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah well I thought that's marketing for you right. You never know. I mean yes he had some best guesses as to what's going to work. Drawing from your experience right from what other people do by the end of day. You never know until you do it right.

Jay Morrison: Gotta shoot your shot.

Malcolm Lui: Yep definitely looking a little bit forward. What are your plans for 2019. What are your sales targets. How do you plan to get there.

Jay Morrison: That's a really good one man. Well

Malcolm Lui: You write 4 million and 2018. So I'll give you a reference point there

Jay Morrison: Yes targets for this year. I honestly Malcolm I want to not disclose our targets just because just like so quirky when it comes to goals and and

Malcolm Lui: Yet

Jay Morrison: Those

Malcolm Lui: No problem

Jay Morrison: And those things I do say I want to at the at the bare minimum maintain where we've been but certainly certainly grow and expand on it. I can

Malcolm Lui: Ok

Jay Morrison: Share a little bit of how we hope to get their

Malcolm Lui: Ok. BECKY YOU SHARE BROADLY. When you say grow it might grow micro growing the number of students and clients who have been growing by their product offering growing by going into other cities and then building up the movement there. What you mean micro

Their growth plans

Jay Morrison: Oh great question. So I do want to grow our student base and our influence and the wealth education space right. Our notoriety ah ah reputation in the space. And I want to own the space as an organization but I want when you think of wealth education I want you to take more Moore's Academy on one area that we've actually hammer home on and our 2018 you know ended of year review and 2019 planning that we have we held in December is that I do want to grow in diversification as an organization. Our footprint has been the urban community. We've made this information accessible to everyone but we have had intentional marketing around the urban community the black community and the black and brown community might normally have you politically want to say that correctly. Because that is the most and they are the most underserved communities in America. But as we've been growing our curriculum and I've been evolving as a leader and CEO I fits all was it is that you know and it's all just marketing it's all just a narrative it's even in pictures right. And just you know who you open up to. I said the organization is that you know we want to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to wealth education because I believe that we teach better than anyone and so we don't want folks from other ethnicities races walks of life or nationalities to think hey you know Jim Morse Academy's only for this group notes wealth education for all no matter what walk of life you come from or what skin tone you have no matter what religious or whatever kind of background you got. And so that's one where we want to grow we want to grow in diversity. We also want to grow and make sure that from a translation standpoint even other languages. That's something that's on our plate as well is making sure that it translates literally to other demographics. So do we. We do want to grow our audience base that

Malcolm Lui: Like.

Jay Morrison: That in turn will grow our student base and would hopefully grow our revenue base. So that's one we want to grow.

Malcolm Lui: Are you comfortable sharing any numbers that how many students you have and you're looking at double your students triple or more maybe a little bit more modest the 20 30 percent growth

Jay Morrison: Yeah. I'd say modestly for now. Yep. Obstacle modestly so yes. I would love to grow by about 20 to 50 percent. I think you know I think honestly we can grow 100 percent to be honest if we if we do the right things this year I think our methods and what we're offering is needed in a lot of a lot of people a lot of areas. They just got to know about us. And that's something that we do well is to make ourself known

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Now it's mostly your business coming from the larger area right now or is it well distributed throughout the country.

Jay Morrison: As well distributed. Yes very very well distributed. This is probably you know five to 10 markets that we get a lot of activity throughout the country. I mean this is more

Malcolm Lui: Uk

Jay Morrison: Centers like just some but five really like if I was five to 10 cities that we could pack up and probably go to those cities and have just as much impact which is part of our growth plan as well which is to have some satellite campuses in these different cities cities. So we're going to be growing in regards to our instructor base as well so we're going to be. So for anyone listening we're going to be doing offerings for trainers and instructors to teach our curriculum in cities and satellite campuses. So you just want to learn the line and learn it in physical locations and probably 10 different cities this year

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Now we say campuses you think about physical campuses or virtual campuses.

Jay Morrison: Now they'll be physical satellite classrooms if you will so I'm not saying a full count you know full school campus this point. That's not a five year plan but a full satellite classroom in which you can learn to a physical classroom just say in Dallas and Detroit in Chicago and New York L.A. wherever

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Jay Morrison: It or you can come and

Malcolm Lui: Okay

Jay Morrison: Actually learn as opposed to just online.

Malcolm Lui: Got it. So what what sort of marketing you have in mind to accomplish your modest growth of 20 percent or so.

Their marketing plan

Jay Morrison: I think the marketing plan is going to be centered around our curriculum right around the RBC is real estate business and credit test that's one way we're going to do it is just simplifying it. One thing we found is that we've offered wealth education to support and it's it's never been taught that you could find yourself in a world win of lectures and lessons and courses and you know our Web site became a smorgasbord of courses and people like a lot of times a go pumped up and excited after coming to one of our events or hearing electoral online but did not know where to start. And so we want to simplify our curriculum and that's what we're doing and it'll be up and running in the next month or two of the first quarter. But to make it we would all Web site where you know cut and dry your lead you know where you begin you know where you start with this thing and not have just so many options. So that's one thing that we're gonna be doing is having more concise marketing here on our courses and curriculum.

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Jay Morrison: That's

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

Jay Morrison: One place that we can start to focus

Malcolm Lui: Okay. Yeah. I mean people typically when there are too many decisions too many choices people just choose nothing right. They say I look at it later

Jay Morrison: Yup. Oh yes intimidating get a welding and yup you get the Well I'll contact them later I'll try e-mail later or I'll come back to it. So

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Jay Morrison: You know we want to

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Jay Morrison: We want with that hurdle I think that what that would help us out a lot on

Malcolm Lui: Now how you attract these people are going to be doing it through Instagram is your your channel of choice or are there other ways of reaching out to your customer base

Jay Morrison: Yeah. So we do a lot of social media right. Instagram Facebook not so much Twitter but Instagram Facebook YouTube. We do a lot of content there. So content is king. We're very very content having content driven. So that definitely has you know spreading the message across our brand. We also do a lot of marketing as well. And you know we do a lot of events and I think probably one of our our next growth stages is more affiliate partnerships right reaching a broader audience from you know even doing interviews and podcasts like this to you know working with other influencers who may be in the same genre different genres and collaborating more. I think that's one way you go to always reach a large audience.

Malcolm Lui: Right now. How about on the paid advertising front tire of research fired up my spy tools to try to figure out what kind of marketing you're doing and I think I think I saw that. Currently according my tool you have two ads running to paper click ads running right now on on Bing. Now what are your thoughts about that

Jay Morrison: I didn't even know I had to pay per click ads running on being so Europe

Malcolm Lui: Okay.

Jay Morrison: Here. I'm going to speak to the team about that. Hey where did they with all these big ads. But we do some paid advertising through Facebook mostly we Facebook what tapping into Instagram. I want to get more heavy into YouTube ads trying to find some experts that can control our brand there. Surprisingly we have a pretty strong YouTube channel and YouTube presence but I haven't ever put out one YouTube punishment ever. And so we're really excited about that. I mean I'm really pissed off about that but also excited that we've grown the company and the brand is as large as we have without even having done one YouTube that ever. And so

Malcolm Lui: Like

Jay Morrison: There's a great there's a great upside to that opportunity.

Malcolm Lui: You said you're a bit pissed off about that. What in particular are you pissed off about

Jay Morrison: Well just our inability as an organization. I mean it starts with me at the lid to effectively hostage marketing experts that can execute my vision that. I've wanted YouTube ads for the last two or three years but I've never been able to find someone who can focus and execute on getting us a quality product and delivering and so pissed off because it hasn't been done. And I know it's a missed opportunity. There's one thing if you know the advertising marketing or sales strategy or you don't know what it's like to miss out on it because you don't know you can't be so mad. You don't know something but we know but you know something's a viable angle and a viable. But you just can't pull it off the net. You know can kind of tee you off

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Rarely in an in any situation you can think about. Rarely is inaction the the optimal strategy.

Jay Morrison: With the right to not

Malcolm Lui: You know that is. But most cases standing still and not doing anything is probably the worst stage to be in. Three final questions for you. First one in one sentence how would you best describe Jim Morris Academy

Jay Morrison: The number one wealth education institute in the world.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. Got it. And the two last questions I have for you. Who are your ideal clients your ideal customers and what a display for them to reach out to you and your team

Their ideal clients

Jay Morrison: Sure. Our ideal client customer student is someone who is who recognizes the value of building wealth and their lifetime building family wealth and being what we call this that the best CEO for their last name. I believe that in all families there needs to be a CEO there is to be a leader of the family and a visionary for the family especially in regards to the family growth and family wealth and fairness sustainability and a family legacy. And so our best Klein our ideal client is the persons in the family who say hey I want the best for our last name. And I'm willing to learn what I need to learn in order to do what I have to do to provide our family with the resources the tools and the strategies that you know grandma grandpa couldn't get us in at the school system K through 12 failed to get me the learn and I got a master's degree and so we want to be able to provide those folks the tools they need to be great entrepreneurs whether it be full time or part time to be great real estate investors full time or part time and to understand how credit and business funding and Creative Real Estate funding strategies and all those things and leverage how all that plays into your ability to build wealth to RBC is real estate business credit

Malcolm Lui: Right. And as the best way for them to contact you and your team.

Jay Morrison: Yeah the best way to attack the US is calling us. Calling us the number is 1 8 4 4. Join Jamie by the best ways. Direct call 1 8 4 4 join Jamie or certainly through our website. JOYCE And Academy dot com. They can email contact. Join our email list our free community or any of that sorts through our website. As well as calling as they wish

Malcolm Lui: Sure. Would you mind spelling out your Jay Morrison

Jay Morrison: You should.

Malcolm Lui: Website

Jay Morrison: Yeah

Malcolm Lui: Because Jay

Jay Morrison: That

Malcolm Lui: Can be found

Jay Morrison: That

Malcolm Lui: Different ways

Jay Morrison: That could be taken diffused. So our Web site is J A Y Morris an email r i s a win Academy dot com says J Morse can comment on social media Instagram primarily at J A Y the letter M Academy says J M Academy on Instagram and J Morris Academy dot com

Malcolm Lui: Fantastic. Thanks so much for joining us today Jay and sharing how you accelerated your company's high value say.

Jay Morrison: Thanks so much for having me was a wonderful interview and you made me think and got me excited and pumped up for the rest what we're gonna do is 20 19

Malcolm Lui: I've got to say I have to speak with you I'm excited and pumped about my 20 19 as well. I mean just being willing to just test something go out on the corner and put yourself out there. I mean that's fantastic

Jay Morrison: Yeah beautiful. You know we have a saying when you talk about people who want to get more literal perform miracles in order to walk on water you've got to get off the boat.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. And you got to see if it's going to happen or not.

Jay Morrison: Yep.

Malcolm Lui: So great fantastic.

Malcolm Lui: We've been speaking with Jay Morrison, the CEO and Founder of the Jay Morrison Academy, about his company's rapid growth. For interviews with other fast growing high value sales companies, or to learn how we can accelerate your firm's high value sales through automation, visit Eversprint.com.

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