Diversifying and Adapting – German Garcia-Fresco of Xtreme Park Adventures

German Garcia-Fresco, Owner of Xtreme Park Adventures

German Garcia-Fresco, the Owner of Xtreme Park Adventures, grew his company’s revenue from $512,000 in 2014 to $2.1 m in 2017, a 310% increase, and to around $2.4m in 2018.  

Xtreme Park Adventures is an amusement park with extreme sport activities for children and adults.  

In this interview with Eversprint‘s Malcolm Lui, German shares how he and his team accelerated their high value sales by:  

  • Diversifying their attractions to appeal to a wider audience and generate more repeat business.  
  • Adapting and pivoting their business from military style games to more family oriented activities.  
  • Ensure their customers have a best-in-class experience such as complementary wine and clean rest facilities.  

Xtreme Park Adventures Interview - (computer generated transcript) (transcribed by Sonix)

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Malcolm Lui: Welcome to the High Value Sales Show of Everysprint.com. I'm Malcolm Lui, the Managing Member of Eversprint, and today we're speaking with German Garcia-Fresco, the owner of Xtreme Park Adventures, an extreme sports amusement park. Welcome to the call German.

German Garcia-Fresco: Thank you Malcolm. Glad to be here.

Malcolm Lui: German, you grew your company's revenue from $512,000 in 2014 to $2.1 million in 2017, a 310% increase, and in 2018 you hit around $2.4 million. Before we talk about how you grew your company so fast he briefly share what your company does beyond my very quick intro and discuss how your company differs from the competition

What they do

German Garcia-Fresco: Sure. So we like you mentioned that it's an outdoor extreme sports company. We do. We have people laser tag. We have escaped brooms we have ropes course. We have a Halloween event haunted houses so it's like a very we have about 9 10 different activities that we do there. And it's for all ages basically anywhere between three years old all the way to you know you could be ninety nine and it's year round we're only close two days out of the year so anybody can come all age groups all types of groups. We do a lot of birthday parties we do a lot of corporate outings we do a lot of team building. So it's a great it's a great overall facility for anybody wanting to do anything fun in that area

Malcolm Lui: Now open to the public. Or is it just for corporate to use your your facilities

German Garcia-Fresco: Both so you can reserve it as a group but it's a corporate group. You. I have companies that bring 100 150 people and they reserve you know the day with us and we tailor to them and you know from activities to catering to video to anything they need photography. And it's also open to the public. It's also so sorry. It's also open to the public. Usually on the weekends we get a lot more open public people and during the week we get a lot more corporate type groups

Malcolm Lui: Now your mass market is located in Durham North Carolina

German Garcia-Fresco: Yes

Malcolm Lui: Then now I'm talking to you now in San Diego. So you must have a fantastic team that take care of everything for you.

German Garcia-Fresco: Oh absolutely yes. That's that's that's one of the key things I'm more of a serial entrepreneur a I own four different companies. That's one of them. And I could have known for if I didn't have the right people and for them to run things while I'm doing other stuff and figuring out what to do next

Malcolm Lui: Now I assume if this company had required your time and effort to run it you probably wouldn't own this company.

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah I I would have to be there if I had to manage the company 20 you know on a daily basis I would have to be in North Carolina and just live there and go nine to five like everybody else

Malcolm Lui: Right. So I see you you structured all your businesses so that now you to not be there

German Garcia-Fresco: Yes. That's

Malcolm Lui: And ask

German Garcia-Fresco: One of our secrets. What's really a secret but it's one of the things we do a lot of people do ask me that it's like how do you do. How do you manage all these companies. And the answer is you've got to key employees to manage it

Malcolm Lui: Yeah now now are you said you have four businesses where are they located

German Garcia-Fresco: So I have to in North Carolina and I have to you could say ah here in California one of them is online so you could say that anywhere

Malcolm Lui: Right.

German Garcia-Fresco: But

Malcolm Lui: Okay.

German Garcia-Fresco: I manage it from California

Malcolm Lui: Very cool. You have the dream

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah yeah yeah i i do i i've achieved independence which many years ago which is great

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. I mean being free to run your businesses from anywhere in the world that's fantastic.

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah I can wake up whatever time I want I go wherever I want I take vacations whenever I want. The only things that stop me from taking vacations or doing certain things is my kids you know because they have to follow the regular school schedule

Malcolm Lui: Yeah I've actually thought about homeschooling our kids so that that

German Garcia-Fresco: And

Malcolm Lui: Would

German Garcia-Fresco: My

Malcolm Lui: Not

German Garcia-Fresco: Wife

Malcolm Lui: Be a

German Garcia-Fresco: Has

Malcolm Lui: Restriction

German Garcia-Fresco: Thought about that many times as well. And we might do it not too far from now. You know right now they're still a little it's ok but once they get into that age where I think school peers can become somewhat of a bad influence we might just start homeschooling them.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. And I'm quite literally. I really you know I haven't studied this fully but I really think that you can learn anything that you need to learn follow the any curriculum you want you can get it all from the Internet.

Why the education system is failing us.

German Garcia-Fresco: Yes that's how I made a video not too long ago on the eight reasons why the education system is failing us. And one of the points is exactly that is that I think schools now need to switch from just teaching facts because you can get that old mind if a kid wants to learn anything they go online and learn it. You don't need a teacher to tell you exactly what you can find online. Not only that they'll find it much fun ways to learn it. They'll see a video with animations with you know interactive click here click there to learn something. If teachers today need to be more of a guidance person right somebody to guide them through the right path more than teach them material. You know what I mean

Malcolm Lui: Yeah yeah totally and get them over the hump right. If they're just not getting it from what they're

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah. Yeah

Malcolm Lui: Watching

German Garcia-Fresco: Exactly.

Malcolm Lui: On YouTube have some that push them over.

German Garcia-Fresco: Hundred percent

Malcolm Lui: So know my next question for you is how you grew your business so fast. I think you already answered one of the drivers having the right people. Would you say that's the number one driver of your success.

German Garcia-Fresco: No. For

Malcolm Lui: No

German Garcia-Fresco: This in my industry for four for that companies industry the entertainment industry and I do a lot of speaking now on conferences that are related to my industry I go to every show a Halloween shows people shows any trade show you can think of in the amusement park industry. I am there. And right now I've been invited to almost all of them to speak in one of the things I tell people is the being able to adapt was one of the first things and I'll give you an example. So when we started the company was called extreme combat right. And the name as such suggests is like a combat type place and we only did paintball and airsoft and for those of you who don't know what airsoft is is it's kind of like PayPal. But instead of shooting pink balls you shoot little white pellets. It's a little more realistic. Militarily speaking but so we were extreme combat. What happens. I I it that I wasn't getting a lot of birthday parties I wasn't getting a lot of corporate and I started wondering why the reason why was because my part looked very military ish. It was 3D combat all my website was designed to look military our uniforms everything was very military which tailored to a certain group of people.

German Garcia-Fresco: All these guys that were like me which I got into because I used to be a player myself and they tailor them but I'm like I'm missing a big portion of the pie I'm only getting these guys anywhere between 15 and 16 all the way to like 30 and that's it. So we're like We need to adapt and that's why in 2014 I switched the name and I went from extreme combat to Extreme Park ventures and we changed the logo we changed the colors we changed the website we changed the message to make it more of a family friendly type and that it changed everything. The number of parties increased greatly. Mom started feeling more comfortable because what was happening is a mom would go to the Web site and she'll look at two different people places she'll look at mine she'll look at my competition and mine looked intimidating. That's what it was. Right. It was intimidating for them. So when we switched to this extreme Park adventures with more lively colors of oranges and reds and yellow and Greens versus the black military grey you know it really came. That was one key factor that we did that changed a lot. The other I would say number two if not number one was I was able to diversify. I added so I started with table if I was today.

German Garcia-Fresco: So for example last year PayPal made about seven hundred thousand dollars out of my whole business. If I status just the PayPal part last year I would have made seven hundred thousand which is great. I mean the profit margins on PayPal are pretty high but I wouldn't have made two plus million. And the reason why we made two plus million because we started adding other activities you know the guy that placed PayPal not necessarily is gonna want to go do zip lines. Same as I'm getting a lot of older people older people that want to do their bucket list. You know what I mean it's it's in their bucket list like I've never done zip lining so they come and do it and those older people 65 plus are not going to come and play PayPal never. Very unlikely it's not on their bucket list. So we by diversifying by adding different activities we were able to increase revenue from all over the place because I own the land I eventually bought the land and I own all the facilities. So me and my partner were like what you know we paid for all this stuff. If we add stuff it's paid for it's not like we have to pay X for Rand or anything like that.

Investing to attract a wider market.

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah we have to make the investment to create the zipline towers and to create the different areas. But it created this open you know it opened up for a lot of different people different ages to come and not only that. Now when people come and do an activity that there is a lot of cross promotion between my activities you have to think that there's companies that are just paintball parks there's companies that just do escape rooms. There's companies that just do laser tag. There's companies that just do Halloween events. We do it all in one. So when somebody comes and does let's say our Halloween event and when October when they're leaving we give them flyers or you know documentation about hey we also do paintball and we do escape Prince and we do and we have people coming to do different activities all the time or they come and do two activities in one day versus one will play paintball at a rainbow Park and that's all I can do now they come play people for a couple hours and they're like Let's do the rope scores and let's do an escape route for an hour. And that created a lot of you know up sales you can say or cross sales between the park and

Malcolm Lui: Great.

German Garcia-Fresco: I think that was the biggest key to our success was the diversification of activities that we have

Malcolm Lui: Okay so a number of pacification activities. Number two being able to adapt. Is there a number three

German Garcia-Fresco: Others. There's you can say there's plenty of customer service was extremely important for us. So we really focus on the customer being happy. I don't care what it takes. I mean I had I've given free birthday parties that are like a thousand dollars worth just to get somebody happy or just to get them to exchange you know a five star review. It's it's incredible when you change everything. The other thing within customer satisfaction is we also increase. We also changed the look and feel. Have you ever been to a people park.

Malcolm Lui: Never Actually

German Garcia-Fresco: Never. OK. So you don't have a point of reference but if you go to any people park the most of our kind of raggedy they're kind of dirty and I don't mean dirty in a bad way like there's trash but it's it's it's a lot of mud and dead end in places to hide behind and usually they don't have bathrooms and usually there is not a place to eat a lot of them are from you know they service you from a trailer they just go up and run. Very simple. We realized in 2015 16 that our biggest customer in our park was Mom's right. Other than corporate America. And moms love to have a bathroom. Love to have a place sit down and chill whether kids are playing around. Love to have you know we give them complimentary wine which I've never seen done anywhere which to me is crazy. There's so many things that we do that I'm like why has an Amy buddy done what we do it even competition. You know when we started ice to go to every single competitor to see what they do right and what they do wrong. Anything they did right. I came back and copy so I would say number three is into the competition don't steal their ideas in a way that you know plagiarizing like. Don't copy their logos and still their photos. But I'm saying if they have an idea they have a system that's working and you see that it's working for them and you're happy when you're there testing it out implement it yourself.

German Garcia-Fresco: One of my first inspirations was I went to the PayPal trade show and we did a tour of paintball park. That's one of the best pinball parks in the Washington D.C. area. And I remember going. I'm like I need to copy this guy. And I I had nothing at that time. We had started with a 12 by 12 square foot little building. That's all I had. That's what my park started with. I started just so you know I started with less than five thousand dollars that business and when I went to his park I was like wow this guy knows what he's doing. And I took notes of everything he did. And at that time I didn't have the money to invest to create what he created but a little bit as soon as I could. I said okay we're implementing this little thing that he did. We're implementing this thing we're implementing this thing and within a few years I had a park very similar to him. And today I can tell you that because it's my part but we surpassed his park but like we're just so much better because I grabbed all these good ideas from all these parks and all these places I've been to. Have you done an escape from

Malcolm Lui: No I've done that either.

German Garcia-Fresco: None escape me either. I need to bring you down to my party and try everything.

Malcolm Lui: It sounds like yeah do it all one day and have some wine.

The value of competitive research.

German Garcia-Fresco: I've been to over 30 40 escape rooms and when I created my escape room again I was like I need to grab all the things that I loved about the escape and as I went to and make it into one and all the things I hated or that frustrated me would eliminate. And that's what we did. And that's what we do with everything at our park. So you can say point number three is study your competition to see what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong too you know because you want to avoid things that are wrong. Like when you go somewhere and you say hey I didn't feel happy or they made me feel like one time I went shopping for this is before I even owned a park or anything. I went shopping for a paintball gun and guy treated me like a total retard like I didn't know anything. So I went there for him to teach me about people and what should I buy. And I felt so bad when I left there like I actually didn't buy anything because he made me feel like really dumb like for not knowing anything. And I remember when I opened my park I said I have to avoid that 100 percent and make fuel make people feel welcome like when they come and ask questions like I answer thoroughly I don't care they buy from me or not. But when you treat customers right they come back they say you know I rather spend extra 10 20 dollars with you because you treat me correctly and you took your time with this guy that treated me you know like I'm nobody

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Yeah. People always remember the experiences that are either very good or very bad right.

German Garcia-Fresco: Yet 100 percent. I just had a customer a few weeks ago I was down in North Carolina and he needed a gun. He came in to buy a gun for a son he had no way about anything. And he he had all these prices already. He knew what the prices were. And they were. If you buy a line a lot of the equipment it's cheaper. Right. I can't compete with that because they buy in bulk numbers that I just can't compete. But he ended up buying everything from us because he like you guys made me feel so good and he said it. He wrote us a review how great we were. And it's great. It's It's we love it

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

German Garcia-Fresco: And that's what we teach our managers and our place. The minute I hear something like a customer or employee treated somebody badly I get involved immediately.

Malcolm Lui: Right.

German Garcia-Fresco: Obviously most managers handle everything but I get involved. I'm like I want to know exactly what happened and get to the bottom of it. That's when I really get involved because that one usually and unfortunately and I'm a neuroscientist so I understand how we think and how the brain works. And one of the things that it's a is when you're angry you're going to tell 10 people. It's kind of like you don't go there oh this place sucks. Right. When you're happy you don't necessarily tell everybody. People write more reviews when they're angry than when they're happy.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah definitely

German Garcia-Fresco: Don't be angry you have to catch them right. I have to catch him and say you know what happened. How can we help you. And ninety nine percent of the time we actually fix it but there's always you know the customer that no matter what you do can't be happy

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

German Garcia-Fresco: And those that can do anything about

Malcolm Lui: And you don't want them to come back either.

German Garcia-Fresco: Now. Now

Malcolm Lui: Yeah but yeah I totally agree with you. The way the whole review system works and the way the society is you know people go You don't say great things about a company unless they really had a truly outstanding experience but they're much easier like you said to leave a negative review. They're unhappy about the experience so

German Garcia-Fresco: Absolutely.

Malcolm Lui: It's

German Garcia-Fresco: I'll give you a fourth point of how we grew and that is we do a lot of upsets and believe it or not you know the average and in serve several industries are like you know 15 percent 20 percent up sales when you're selling you know a lot of stuff. If you're selling one hundred two hundred thousand dollars worth of products and you're upselling 20 30 percent that's another 40 50 thousand dollars. So that's something we do a lot. Not only cross-selling different promote activities but within the activities we sell a lot of stuff. So if you book your birthday party we're going to try to sell you a cake we're try to sell you extra paint. We're going to try to sell you smoke grenades. We're going to try to sell you anything anything. Cover all whatever that we have available we will try selling you and a lot of people buy and we're not pushy. Don't get me wrong we're not like you want to you know you need to buy this you need this you need this we don't do that but we present the options to everybody and itself you know when you explained to them nicely and you say hey we recommend this or would you like this would that or this goes great with this. It's kind of like people are like sure. So upselling also increased our sales greatly

Malcolm Lui: Right. And it all makes sense to. If you have the upset enhance their experience and you offered at a reasonable price. People go Yeah you know I'm only coming out here once in a while. Let's make the most of it.

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah. Exactly. I see. Think of zip line if people go zip lining they go zip lining. You bring zip lining

Malcolm Lui: No

German Garcia-Fresco: Though. Malcolm what I would do with you

Malcolm Lui: I'm

German Garcia-Fresco: And

Malcolm Lui: Far from extreme open and nor open a non Extreme Park and I'll be there

Up-selling and cross-selling

German Garcia-Fresco: Usually people like to zip lines they're going to do it once or twice in their lifetime. So it's like so that business model it's a you constantly have to get recurring customers. So with those customers Well we try to upset and I can't really upset them anything other than instead of doing five zip lines they do 10 zip lines you know. So we sell them. That would do. But it meant some merchandising. But those people I try to cross-selling with other activities you give them a coupon say hey thank you for coming. Zip lining. Here's a 50 percent off to come endure X a ropes course or he a 50 percent off come and do our escape rooms. Right. So it works wonders

Malcolm Lui: Yet those same day cross sells or or coupons

German Garcia-Fresco: No.

Malcolm Lui: For future days

German Garcia-Fresco: Usually they have to book them and no matter what most of their activities we have in-house they're kind of exhausting out there. You did you know two three hours of paintball you know. Yeah. Your body is not fit to do the ropes course. We recommend out of that. You know maybe do an escape route because you're not doing any physical activity but it is brain consuming. But yeah it's usually so he can come back

Malcolm Lui: Right. That makes sense. It's like a kind of skiing ramming here you could ski half a day and then use when you hang out at the at the chalet and chillax or not. Not necessarily. More skiing unless you're a you're a really great shape.

German Garcia-Fresco: Exactly.

Malcolm Lui: Which most people aren't. Yeah. So let me recap then the four drivers then you shared with me. No one is being diversified having a different B2 to appeal to a wider audience. Number two was being able to adapt. Number three I was having a fantastic customer service to make sure people have a great experience. And number four is a sum being opportunistic in terms of upselling cross-selling enhance your customer's experience

German Garcia-Fresco: Yes

Malcolm Lui: All right. Fantastic. Yeah. Normally I would ask you to go a little bit deeper into each of these four but I've gone deep in your explanation so maybe I can jump to 2019. What are your plans and targets for 2019.

German Garcia-Fresco: Good question. So two thousand nineteen. We are finishing up so we're actually opening a new laser tag arena dedicated laser tag arena. We don't have the traditional laser tag which is indoors with a lot of lights and our laser tag I use this like State of the art equipment where you can play outdoors during the day. Doesn't have to be dark. It's a great system that we have so you can do a lot of tactical laser tech but we are now and what it is we mixed. We don't mix the players but we allow the laser tech players to play in the different arenas that PayPal and airsoft play. The problem with that is that I can make it too fancy because the paint than the airsoft destroy every I mean you've got to think it's an impact. There's ammunition and it impacts and it break things I can't have glass because the babies are the people's will break the glass. So we're creating a laser tag arena now that's dedicated for laser tag and we're going to add a lot of the technology we learned and use on the escape rooms to create a very immersive laser tag experience which I've never seen yet. So I've been to many laser tag parks so we're we're doing something a little different. We're combining two different. You can say technologies into one and see what comes out of that. So that's

Malcolm Lui: Okay

German Garcia-Fresco: One of our goals. The other goal that we have I'm not sure if it's going to be 2019 but we are starting to process the permits for it in 2019 which is a waterpark addition. So we have a assists six acre lot do our are our park though we have an option to buy and if the city approves the waterpark activity then we'll buy that piece of land if we have a deal with the owner and we'll start our water park in the lake. Twenty twenty twenty twenty one we'll have the water park running

Malcolm Lui: Very cool. Now just to let you know I have played laser tag before so I'm

German Garcia-Fresco: Any

Malcolm Lui: Not so out 1 out of 8 8 activities I've done although mine was indoor and it was a 20 30 years ago so I think that technology was a bit primitive compared to today. So it's not totally hopeless

German Garcia-Fresco: That's getting

Malcolm Lui: Half. So tell me about your marketing. How did you how do you attract people to come to your park.

How they attract people to their park

German Garcia-Fresco: Quick question. Marketing is huge. So we we've done so many different things. Anywhere between radio TV newspaper flyers promoters online Facebook and so we've tried everything. Our number one marketing to be honest is word of mouth. So you know we are in a small community. The Raleigh area has lost about a million people within a 50 mile radius. So it's not huge. So. Most people have heard of us they haven't heard of every activity we have because some are pretty new like escape rooms and ropes cause we open in 2018. So that's kind of new not everybody knows us because of that up for that. But everybody knows us for paintball and zip lines now and different activities but water mouth is number one. In

Malcolm Lui: Uk

German Garcia-Fresco: Fact the first few years I didn't really marketing where I just let people know I'm I'm I'm a big social type connecting type guy. And I would tell people and people would tell others and you know you have like for example we have three major universes around us. We have USC Chapel Hill we have NC State and we have Duke University most of their team sports come and do an annual activity like all the football clubs come to do an annual activity with us. We have the basketball crews come. We have lacrosse have the wrestling teams. We have so many different. And those started because one group came and then I guess the different groups started hearing about us and they all started coming. So but obviously you can't rely on just word of mouth. So the other thing we do heavy is social media stuff we do post a lot on our social media platforms. So like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter I have a dedicated people doing just that every few days they sometimes every day sometimes every few days they post things just to keep it active. I have a photography in-house a photographer in-house that he's also my one of my employee trainers like my referee trainers my trainer and he's also a photographer so he takes pictures almost every weekend and tax people.

German Garcia-Fresco: That creates a lot of engagement and buzz and then we do a lot of obviously you know AdWords stuff. So we do Facebook advertising and we do on Instagram to another. Their shared platforms anyways. So we do that. And then when we have major events like Halloween we really go out and put some billboards on the streets. We do radio pretty heavily. And it's been working pretty good when we do the radio for the Halloween events. So we do you know and a lot of in-house marketing where people come and then they leave and we can flyers or coupons or whatever to take with them. And we did the other thing we do is we do a lot of charity and then I guess when when you when you do cherry donate a lot of passes and packages for silent auctions they email me every single week for stuff like that and I never say no. And I think that creates a lot of word of mouth as well. Because when you go to like the school auction and then my name is out there and somebody wins it and the kids come in and they tell their friends it's it's a you know you do good and they did they do good back in return you could

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

German Garcia-Fresco: Pay.

Malcolm Lui: And some of your experiences people do come back for repeat rights as a way to get

German Garcia-Fresco: Oh yeah

Malcolm Lui: People

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah yeah.

Malcolm Lui: Exposed

German Garcia-Fresco: When you have

Malcolm Lui: To it might not have done it unless it they want it

Tripling business with Groupon

German Garcia-Fresco: Of course. Yeah. And we have annual memberships that we sell which are very cheap and just to encourage people to come eat. You're going to be surprised to one of my best marketing tricks is Groupon when I first did on a tripled my business in 2011. Like literally I started Groupon and my my business went from I remember what I was making in 2011. But let's say it was a hundred thousand dollars or under 50. We went to like 400000 or something. It was crazy in

Malcolm Lui: And

German Garcia-Fresco: That

Malcolm Lui: It's because

German Garcia-Fresco: Group

Malcolm Lui: See you introduce your park to a new set of people and they came back right after the Groupon deal

German Garcia-Fresco: Exactly. And that you know this is something I teach a lot in my day I do a class with teach online in neuromarketing. So like how to use persuasive techniques to sell online using neuroscience. And one of the things that I tell people I'm like Groupon is your best

Malcolm Lui: Mr.

German Garcia-Fresco: Friend. Some people hate it. Some business owners a guy you've talked to business owners and now I know a hate group and they're all cheap this and then I'm like No you guys get it all wrong. First of all when you do Groupon and I sell one Groupon I'm actually making money right. So I make a few to like half of the money that I sell the Groupon. So let's say my Groupon is about twenty dollars and I get 60 percent of that. So I make twelve dollars my cost for that customer to come and play in my pocket about two dollars for him to do what I promised in Groupon. Right. So it cost me two dollars. So I make ten dollars so I get a free customer in my door for. And it pays me ten dollars. How much do normally an insurance company a salesman pay for leads to get a customer to even pay attention to them. You're spending a lot of money. Some some insurance leads cost hundred hundred fifty dollars. Well Groupon is paying me ten dollars per lead. The problem is that we don't know what to do with the customer afterwards. So they the customer comes. They play with their Groupon and they leave and nothing happened. And that's where they make their mistake. I'm like you can sell them you've got to design things so that they spend their Groupon fast enough so they're they're still hungry for more and they go and buy more. You've got to upselling and they're in the window and they register lag.

German Garcia-Fresco: You tell them hey this is what your Groupon gives you. But if but for this a little more you can do a lot more and have more fun. And then when they leave I got their e-mail. What are you going to do with that e-mail and believe it or not. Last year I did it come friends at a I think it was an escape room conference show and I did a talk and I asked people to raise their hands. How many people collect e-mail from their customers. And it was less than 5 percent. And I was like I couldn't believe it. I'm like less than five percent of you are taking people's e-mails that are walking in your door. That's that's insane. You're you're you're losing leads. There are already hot leads. They came on board from you. All you have to do is nurture that lead and offer them coupons and send them an information. And that's one of the things that a lot of business owners don't realize is. Most businesses I would say 95 percent of businesses in America they get the customer. They spend the money on the advertising and the radio whatever the customer walks in the door. And then they lose them. They don't do anything afterwards. And that's the biggest mistake. And that's the difference between a hundred two hundred thousand dollar company versus a million dollar company is what they do with that customer. After they came in that door

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. Exactly. In fact discussions of the number of businesses as well about you know continuing to nurture their relationship with clients and customers and prospects after the initial conversation. And some people will say yeah you know I've done email marketing before and it doesn't work and he just write it off right. And then you might. I had him thinking well maybe it didn't work because you know your messaging was all wrong

German Garcia-Fresco: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: And your approach is all wrong. More than anything else

German Garcia-Fresco: Exactly. It's the message or they tried one. You know you don't expect that everybody is gonna buy from you again when you send them money. You got it.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

German Garcia-Fresco: You got to keep it. I say you send me e-mails until they unsubscribe period when there's this

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

German Garcia-Fresco: Guy. That means you. You annoy them and that's fine. Maybe he wants to come back. You will but you got to keep sending e-mails and you're 100 percent right and that's part of the things that I teaches. How is your message. There is a lot of ways to write titles and things to catch people's career city or to get them to buy. And most people don't know these things you know.

Malcolm Lui: Oh yeah totally. In fact I found the campaign to be done for clients you know for some markets. Most markets people get inundated with messages and they appreciate the appreciate read short to the point messages that don't take them long to digest and respond to. And so in the book this and this one other market short messages did not work. You know what three liner that it could say yes or no. They want the six paragraph message that they can consider and digest right. I mean those adjustments can be quite you have to fit your message to your market

Selling to grandma

German Garcia-Fresco: Exactly. Exactly. It's like I always tell people look at the example. Are you going to sell grandma a life insurance policy by telling her Go online register and fill the form and submit it. Are you going to sit down with her and fill it with her right you're going to sit down with grandma because she doesn't know how to use the computer. So

Malcolm Lui: Or it should and want to

German Garcia-Fresco: She doesn't want to exactly see it. So the way you deliver your message is very important to who you deliver the message you've got to understand your crowd. One hundred percent

Malcolm Lui: Yeah definitely. So for your 2018 plants you shared how you're looking to open a laser Park potentially. I get plans in place open a waterpark. What challenges do you see for you to achieve your goals for 2018

German Garcia-Fresco: Well that the challenge for you that for the water part of the challenge is 100 percent depending on the government if they want me to have a water park or not. You know there might be some law there that's or my neighbors complaining that they don't want a water park. Who knows. So we won't know until I get my lawyer involved and going into the city and applying for everything and see what they say. So that's that will be the biggest challenge for the water park.

Malcolm Lui: Okay.

German Garcia-Fresco: Another goal that I have for 2019 is you know probably triple my marketing dollars for the last few years. I would say in the last four or five years I've we've been spending all our money growing the park adding activities building things. We spent millions of dollars and now we're pretty much done with all the building and we we said okay. Now let's really dump money into marketing dollars and see if we can take it to three or four million dollar level Park. You know I will be at a camp I think my park not counting the water park fire and the water park that will be another easy million dollars a year revenue. With my crowd. But I think I can be capped at 3 to 4 million dollars I can't imagine doing much more than that. So that's that's one of the downfalls of having brick and mortar and you know as a business right when you're online you can sell to the world and you know the sky's the limit. When you have a certain demographics there's only a certain amount of people that are going to show up.

German Garcia-Fresco: So I think if we start putting heavy dollars in the marketing and the advertising we can start moving or our numbers to go that way and that's going to be the biggest challenge because if I do a lot of the marketing myself but I'm not the biggest expert on it. So I do hire companies and I've hired companies in the past that didn't do a good job finding that good marketing company that can help us promote and increase our bottom dollar has been my biggest challenge. This you know past couple of years I would say I did find a new two new companies. I'm trying one I'm trying one starting. Actually we just signed contracts starting January 1st we started. So they're creating the plan and everything. Hopefully by the end of next week they send me what we're doing and we'll see their young guys very hungry. They're in their 20s. And we'll see what they do. And then I have another company in line. If these guys don't do very well that I I'm also ready to bring aboard and see what they can do.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. What. What kind of work with the young guys be doing for you

German Garcia-Fresco: So these guys at this point I I gave in to tests which were to promote my two newest activities which are the ropes course and the escape rooms and they're going to use they're going to use social media heavily for the promotions. And I don't mean social media by posting but advertising and social media. So we're creating video campaigns. We're creating a whole branding and fun story fun advertiser meant to try to get people to click and in an interested so well

Malcolm Lui: Ok.

German Garcia-Fresco: That works

Malcolm Lui: All right. Good. So would you say that you've got that. You know for for us and we were our clients that we always start with The customer avatar. Right. Who are your ideal customers

German Garcia-Fresco: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: Right. There might be more than one category and they have a pretty firm grip on that. And these young guys are going to be doing individual campaigns targeting each of the avatars

Their ideal customers

German Garcia-Fresco: Yes. So our ideal customer used to be when I was extreme combat my ideal customer was a guy like me you know young hungry to play to have fun do something sporty. I told you I realized that mom was the real you know money spender you could say you know the person that will spend their money for their birthday party. So my ideal customer today are two is the the mom that's trying to celebrate their kid's birthday at our park and the other one is the corporate America the corporate group that wants to come and have fun and team building with their team and bond together. So those are my two main targets. You can say

Malcolm Lui: Ok. And are there striations within those two groups that are interesting to you

German Garcia-Fresco: What I mean by striations.

Malcolm Lui: Moms with one kid's mom with four kids. Married moms

German Garcia-Fresco: No

Malcolm Lui: Divorced moms

German Garcia-Fresco: No

Malcolm Lui: Working moms

German Garcia-Fresco: No. So our target is basically moms and birthdays. So like moms that are looking for their kids to celebrate their birthday pretty much so it could be a single mom or it could be a mom with five kids if it's a mom with five kids. Great because then three or three the kids end up doing their birthday part and that have

Malcolm Lui: Right

German Garcia-Fresco: You know what happens a lot too is one kid does their birthday and then we have another five six seven birthday parties from that same classroom because they loved it and they're

Malcolm Lui: Yet

German Garcia-Fresco: Like Mom I want to do a birthday party there too. I want to know. And and that's what I was telling you a lot of word of mouth happens because of that and that only

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

German Garcia-Fresco: Happens when that mom is happy and all the kids are happy because then they go home and the moms talk between each other and you know all the moms out because mom brought the kids and they're waiting for that hour two hours to pass by some slowly moms are hanging out. And if their mom is happy that their initial mom she'll tell them she'll see all this business. Awesome I have to do anything take care of everything. And so the next mom goes maybe I'll do my birthday party next month you so

Malcolm Lui: Right.

German Garcia-Fresco: So

Malcolm Lui: How

German Garcia-Fresco: That.

Malcolm Lui: About it. How about the corporate America side. I know for sure you have the private companies or even the listed companies. I think that strict corporate America now at the same time talked about the universities having their teams come out right. So yes an academic academic institutions that can use your facility

German Garcia-Fresco: Yeah I consider the academics in the same bag as the corporate America. So

Malcolm Lui: Like

German Garcia-Fresco: You get the corporations or groups of people that are trying to do some sort of bonding building outing right. I call it corporate America. But you could say group building or team building stuff. Most of the versed in fact all the university groups that come out for team build. I can't think of any other reason why they come once

Malcolm Lui: Right

German Garcia-Fresco: A bad one. Sometimes we do get some fraternities just getting together to have fun. I like. It's a place people this weekend and you know a fraternity being 30 guys and no play for fun right. Not necessarily team building but for fun but ninety five percent of the groups that come from universities come just like corporate groups come you know and by corporate and I mean just IBM and Google I mean the restaurant it could be the the tire shop around the corner I could be the drywall company anybody anybody that has a business that wants to bring their employees out get them all together and have a good time. That's what I called corporate Audi.

Malcolm Lui: Right. So for the moms looking to celebrate birthdays or even other people looking to celebrate their birthdays and for the corporate Air America the from the small companies all the way to the big huge ones. What's the best way for them to contact your firm your team your ticket sales office to set something up

German Garcia-Fresco: Sure. So obviously our Web site which is w w w that Extreme Park adventures that come we don't have an e in the front of extreme. So it's extreme E. So that's one way so they can find out more information. They can call us at 9 1 9 5 9 6 60 100 on or they can e-mail us that info at Extreme Park adventure dot com and we're pretty quick on the best way is utterly phone. We have a dedicated phone person every day so phone is the easiest they can ask the questions. But we also have an automated system online where you can book like we have a lot of parents that they just put their parties online and they don't even talk to us. They they know exactly what they want. We have all the options there available for them. And you know they reserve and when they get there we were ready

Malcolm Lui: Awesome. Convenience is king also. And you talk about your blind side of your interests and experience and business and yourself in a new book that I recently published share some details about your new book

His new book, Train Your Brain For Success

German Garcia-Fresco: Oh great yeah. So I wrote a book called train your brain for success with and how a healthy brain is the key to happiness and better health. I truly believe that for anybody to be successful has to have an. It is obvious that it may sound. You have to have a good brain in order to be successful. There's lots of little things that people know lies such as your diet and exercising and emotional control and all these things that you need to take in consideration in order to have a good brain because what creates success is the decisions you make in life and the decisions you make in life are made by your brain. And if your brain is not working properly then your decisions are going to be wrong or you're not gonna make the right decisions right. And you're not going to succeed in life. You're not going to achieve your ultimate goal which is to be happy right. I'm assuming that everybody's ultimate goal is to be happy.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah definitely. Can you share again the title of your book and where people can find it.

German Garcia-Fresco: Sure. The title of the book is train your brain for success. How a healthy brain is the key to having better health and a you can find it on Amazon that come we have the kindle version and the soft cover version there or you can go to Dr. fresco dot com and that's Dr. spelled out Deo c t o r f RISC o dot com. And there I also have the hardcover version as well so you can purchase it through Amazon or through my Web site directly. And if you want a copy anybody who wants to copy just e-mail me and I'll sign it before I send the

Malcolm Lui: Nice. Thanks so much German for joining us today and sharing how you accelerated your company's high value sales.

German Garcia-Fresco: We'll thank you very much Malcolm for having me. It was a pleasure.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah I enjoyed our conversation as well. We've been speaking with German Garcia fresco the owner of Extreme Park adventures about his company's rapid growth. For interviews with other fast growing high value sales companies or to learn how we can accelerate your firm's high value sales through automation visit Eversprint.com.

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