The Community Lender – Jonny Fowler of Hancock Mortgage

Jonny Fowler, Senior VP at Hancock Mortgage

Jonny Fowler, the Senior VP at Hancock Mortgage in charge of Business Development and Production at Hancock Mortgage, grew their branch network from 1 state, 3 offices, and 15-18 employees five years ago, to over 30 states, 42 offices, and 200 employees today.  

Hancock Mortgage is a full service mortgage banker with branches throughout the U.S.  

In this interview with Eversprint‘s Malcolm Lui, Jonny shares how he and his team accelerated their high value sales by:  

  • Filling a need in a the marketplace for a community lender, where a borrower is not just an application and a number, but a valued personal client.  
  • Providing the infrastructure, support and company culture so that branch managers and loan officers alike do not need to worry about a new place to work.  
  • Staying on top of new technology that can improve their service, driven by direct input from branch managers.  

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Malcolm Lui: Welcome to the High Value Sale Show Of I'm Malcolm Lui, the Managing Member of Eversprint, and today we're speaking with Jonny Fowler a senior V.P. at Hancock Mortgage in charge of business development and production. Welcome to the call Jonny.

Jonny Fowler: Thank you Malcolm I appreciate it.

Malcolm Lui: Jonny, Hancock Mortgages branch network grew from one state, three offices, 15 to 18 employees five years ago to over 30 states today with 42 offices and 200 employees. Before I ask you about how you're able to help your company grow their branch, that their branch network so rapidly, can you elaborate a little bit on what Hancock Mortgage is, what Hancock Mortgage does exactly, and also share how your company differs from all the other mortgage banks that are out there?

Jonny Fowler: Yes sir I'd be glad to. So I guess what helped us grow is the need in the market place for a community lender. There's a lot of extremely large lenders out there that in my opinion it's just about numbers it's how many people they can force through the system. And what I think and what I what I thought at the time is that this market truly needs someone who is a community lender who will sit down and not only explain to you what it is that you're getting ready to do and the purchase or the refinance of your property but also somebody who can be there whenever something arises whenever something is is going through the system someplace that you can actually go and sit down and have a cup of coffee with that individual who you're trusting your largest transaction to and be able to look them eye to eye. That was something it was very important to me in this market needed that at one point I had built the largest mortgage company in this country privately held. And it was a fun company but it was lacking in that community feel and that was something that was greatly important to me.

Malcolm Lui: You talked about community feel but at the same time you're in over 30 states now 42 offices. How do you still do that

Jonny Fowler: Very much so. So where my offices are are aware customers need me as opposed to being in Manhattan New York I'm in Johnson City Tennessee I'm in Palm Coast Florida I'm in Sugar Land Texas back into California things like that. It is it is having that local presence that local footprint of the local communities Piers but having an incredible back office support system that is able to stay up on technology able to stay up on regulatory compliance and able to stay up on lending issues as they come across the country but having that that true community feel that true handshake ie business

Malcolm Lui: From a bigger picture perspective looking back over the past five years. What do you think were or are the biggest drivers of your company's growth.

Jonny Fowler: I guess it would be like. Like I said earlier the need in the market but the the customers as far as my customers my loan officers my branch managers having that need searching for that last place that they're ever going to work. Finding that community type program where where you never have to go look for a job again. One of the things that we know with these larger investors with these larger lenders is you're just a number on a payroll stub on your paycheck. And it was the people that were flocking to us that had the want and the need to not worry ever again about having to find a new place to work. But having that substance in that quality behind them to be able to get them where they want to see it doesn't really matter what I want sitting in the corporate office. It matters what my customer who is my branch manager my loan officer my process or my underwriter. It's fulfilling their needs. What is it that you need to be able to perform in your marketplace and not only stay on top but dominate in your field in your area. What is that that you need.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. So the first one is the need and the market for a mortgage lender that has a community first mentality and then a second one is finding people branch managers agents who want to work at a company that can potentially be their last job. And at the same time can give them the opportunities the things that they want to achieve in their career.

Jonny Fowler: Yes sir.

Malcolm Lui: All right.

Jonny Fowler: Yes sir.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. Is there is there a third factor

Jonny Fowler: You know I guess there always is. So you also have to have somebody who stays on top of technology one thing that we know is technology changes on a daily basis. If you're doing the same thing in 2019 that you did in 2018 you're probably going to lose business. So it's it's staying on top of what is the latest and greatest and best technology doing it in a reasonable type setup system to where you're not buying every piece of software that comes down the pike but you're actually implementing whatever software systems it is and making them work if they're I'm abilities see one of the things that we do is we try and help our direct customer which is our loan officers and our branch managers to be able to service their customers. So if that means later hours if that means phone apps if that means online whatever that means I have to fulfill that for my customers. So I can keep my attrition rate where it is

Malcolm Lui: Ok Can can we elaborate a bit more on your three biggest drivers up first one the need in the market for a mortgage lender. That's community focus. How do you identify where these markets exist. I mean I see that you're in 30 over 30 states now. You're not in all 50 of them. So I'm assuming you might not be as partly because you haven't identified a market that can use your company's services the way you'd like to deliver them is that it or is there are some other factors

Jonny Fowler: That's a great question.

Malcolm Lui: That come into play.

Jonny Fowler: I don't actually go into communities or into states with the idea to take over a market. What I do is I wait for somebody in that area of that market to come to me with a system that fits within sight of mine to make sure that we're going to be able to collaborate together. And then at that point is when I go into a market I go into that market heavy at that point. I don't just pick out an area where sales let's you know let's say Nashville. Nashville's been hot and heavy for the past few years. I don't just go into Nashville open up an office and hope that I get people to come work there. It's the people who matter more than anything and it's those people reaching out to me saying Hey I love what you guys are doing. I love how you generate leads. I love how you're putting business together for us. I want to be part of you and I want to do it right here at Franklin Tennessee or whatever that may be.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. So these people are reaching out to you Are they a branch Mac branch managers of existing mortgage companies either a smarter one maybe they have their own small mortgage company or are they a loan officers themselves. You see what you're doing and they reach out to you and religious and how you do things you know can we work together

Jonny Fowler: It's a wide gamut to tell you the truth so it's existing branch managers at companies where people feel lost in unneeded it is loan officers that are in branch offices that just have no voice whatsoever inside of that office. It's it's people who have their own company that are tired of trying to keep up with all of the regulatory compliance or or payroll or all of the human resource issues that come across. You know nobody ever got in this business to write paychecks. So it's it comes from a wide gamut and it's not one or three or five specifics it comes from dozens of different areas and dozens of different reasons why they come here.

Malcolm Lui: Ok so I can see how if a branch manager reaches out to you and if a owner of a small mortgage broker reaches out to you I can see how you can open up a new office fairly quickly from that if a loan officer reaches out to you. Then how does that work. You help them set up a new office or do you say OK which state will keep in touch. Let's find a branch manager or another operation for it and then we'll fold you into it

Jonny Fowler: Now I do loan officers also I try I follow HUD's guidelines on a minimum three year single family dwelling mortgage business history. But I will take care of everything. The loan officer is a bit of the branching business now for about 20 years and I've learned quite a bit on my way up quite a bit on the way down. So having a loan officer want to be in that position is not not any issue for me. I ask them to find somewhere between one and three offices that meet their needs that are safe that are things that they want to look at. They do that. I actually go out personally and open up every office myself. We signed the lease. I set up the equipment whatever is needed. So not every office is open the same but every office theoretically is built the same way. Leases are in my name. The equipment is supplied by me. Everybody has a W2 employee and it doesn't matter if they're in an existing office or not. I'm going to make sure that those people have no worries that I take care of everything right from the beginning so when they hit the ground the first day that their license is active that they hit the ground running because they have no worries. Everything's already been taken care for them.

Malcolm Lui: So a loan officer can approach you and you can help them open an office and that loan officer might be potentially the only person in that office

Jonny Fowler: Yes sir. I've got no issue with that whatsoever. Sometimes that works out better. I will tell you that what I've seen over the years is the most profitable offices the ones where the the the the work is rewarded. I happen to be single or no more than two or three originators in an office and then stack the office up with support staff to

Malcolm Lui: Right

Jonny Fowler: Make sure that the customers have the best service the best possible transaction that they can have

Malcolm Lui: Right. And then for our branch manager who comes to you they might actually have a team that they would bring on board as well.

Jonny Fowler: Yes or just on board an office and back to Bill. California was a branch manager there is a total of 13 employees. They close about seven million dollars a month. And did the same thing. They had an existing office I took over the lease I supplied the equipment. I went out for two weeks set up everything from Internet provider to you know chair massages while everybody was making the changeover so so they were happy

Malcolm Lui: Ok so you've elaborate a bit on the first two drivers that they need in the market and searching for branch managers and people to open the branches. How about the third one about staying on top of technology. Can you share a bit about how you do that. When you say hey this is this is something that can add value. We're going to bring it on board and roll it out to all of your branches and maybe give an example of something

Jonny Fowler: Yeah of course

Malcolm Lui: Where you've got

Jonny Fowler: Of course. So there's a couple of things that need to go with this one so I'm getting to your point. But the reason I'm answering it the way that I am. First of all one of the things that we do that makes us way different than any other mortgage company out there is every year we have a advisory board meeting an on that advisory board is anywhere from 20 to 30 branch managers at a time and it is exactly what it sounds like. They advise the three people who run this company on what we need what we need to look for what we need prove on how we need to improve on it and then we spent three and a half days doing nothing but that locked in a room. So if you looked at it from a board of directors standpoint let's say it's twenty five against three. So it's very easy for three people to be outvoted but

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Jonny Fowler: By doing this we find out what other people because you know you've got to remember vendors are calling my guys every day. Not only are recruiters calling them but vendors are calling them. Showing them the latest which gadget sparkly or whatever it may be. So it having them as boots on the ground on top of being a strong mortgage company having vendors come here. We're always seeing what's going on. Now closer to your point one of the things that I brag about now you get a kick out of it because people in this business for some reason in the mortgage business we think that we have climbed the mountain and we're at the pinnacle and we need no one else to help us. I don't believe that I never have believed that so at any given time I've got anywhere from two to three business coaches going one. It helps me look and see what's outside of my realm too. It also gives me that fresh opinion outside what's going on. So we use outside help also to to make us better. So finding and using the proper technology is something that is a daily I guess gratitude just just love the fact that it's out there. Finding the right ones usually seem to be pretty easy. I think we all have a pretty good gut opinion. And as long as I'm right 80 percent 85 percent of the time in implementing something then I'm happy with that. You know in baseball I'd be the highest paid guy in the league

Malcolm Lui: That's a good spot to being as well. Now can you share a little bit about lead generation. You mentioned that earlier in our conversation and it looks like our two different models here there are the and I read a couple other mortgage banks already. One of them does help with me generation. Were there loan officers and another one doesn't. So it sounds like you're in the former you have with me generation. What's the thinking behind that

Jonny Fowler: A couple of things. I think there's probably multiple factors to the weed genetics business. I'm not a fan of bleeds. I don't ever want anybody to rely on leads. I've had friends I've actually had family members that relied on leads if it wasn't for extreme lending or something like that. They had no business. What I can't tell you though is if you control the lead generation if you build your own leads then you have something to actually give back to your referral partners. You've got something that can actually mean something in the marketplace. So at this moment in time I guess last time I actually asked with Facebook I have the largest real estate lead funnel in the country I run about 750 Facebook pages I advertise to somewhere between 80 and 100 a day and I generate purchase money leads directly off of social media not only Facebook but all social media. Facebook is just the best one right now. By doing this I have something to give back to my referral partners. What I mean by that one of the things when I was brought into this business in 1994 is you know I was given the proverbial rate sheet to donuts told to go and get business for some reason this real estate agent was supposed to trust me with that one and only transaction they had for this month. They didn't have a clue who I was or if I was ever going to be able to close it or if there was going to be a closing date or anything but they were supposed to trust me with it. And one thing I learned really early on is that I need to be able to give back to the people who are giving take. So that's one of my greatest things is I love the fact that we build leads to give back to our referral partners. So our referral partners aren't the only ones who are always giving. It is a true business relationship. We are both helping each other in our businesses and by doing that we're helping the consumer who is the most important of all

Malcolm Lui: Ok. So the leads are Jerry aren't necessarily for your branches and loan officers

Jonny Fowler: They are but you've got to remember a couple things. First of all nobody wants a mortgage. I've never ever heard anybody get up on Saturday morning after watching one of those Fannie Mae commercials said I want a mortgage so bad but everybody wants a home everybody wants a lifestyle everybody wants a place to call their own. Or at least sixty nine percent of the country does so what my job is is to produce leads for my loan officers across country. But there are things that they're not allowed to do. They're not allowed to talk about size. They're not allowed to talk about price. Those are licensed activities that you have to have a real estate agent for. So they're in turn is where I have to have a real estate. Help me out with any of the leads that I produce.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. Can you share a little bit about how you produce the leads and then lets you get the lead how you bring in the real estate agent and how they in turn work with your loan officers on that

Jonny Fowler: Yes sir. So like I was saying we have about 750 Facebook pages. We've got a number of Instagram LinkedIn Twitter. You know just basically all of the social media aspects that have some sort of return on investment. We have pages for that. We have algorithms set up that when people are in search of a home when they're in search of a neighborhood where they're in search of you know a community to live it then I advertise to them. And as I advertise to them they click on my information they fill out their information twice. I do a double opt in system and then by using the latest and greatest technology I'm able to distribute these leads to the field within milliseconds. So if you picture it this way if somebody goes on my Facebook page Hot Homes of Katie. Katie why and they fill out the information in less than two seconds through a estimates message on the phone app that I provide my people they have the information for that person who's looking for a new home they have their name their email address their cell phone number. And at that point is when we can actually help those purchase money customers who are looking for something when it's convenient for them not when it's convenient for me. One of the greatest problems with leads is people want them to close when it's convenient for the mortgage person or convenient for the real estate person. And in my systems we make it where it's convenient for the borrower

Malcolm Lui: So who gets the leads at this point you're seeing to their real estate agent.

Jonny Fowler: Same to the mortgage person send them to the real estate agent. Depends on what they're looking for what they've what they've asked for what the potential customers ask for

Malcolm Lui: Now you said earlier that there's some restrictions on what the loan is can can and cannot say that they can't talk they can't talk about the size of the loan I suppose

Jonny Fowler: That are

Malcolm Lui: Or the

Jonny Fowler: They. They can talk about the size and love what they can't talk about as the size of the home. I'm not sure if you've got a mortgage background or not. What they cannot do is I can't have a bar for instance say Hey Malcolm do you know how big this house is. It's not really OK for them to say oh it's cool you know seventeen hundred square foot according to H cat or some like that. They they they get the question asked of them. Do you think two hundred thousand is a fair price for this. They can't answer questions like that because it's not something that's a license to activity for a mortgage person. Only a professional licensed real estate agent can help them with those questions.

Malcolm Lui: Okay. Got it.

Jonny Fowler: That's

Malcolm Lui: So

Jonny Fowler: Why. That's why I hate to interrupt you but that's why it is so important to believe in trust and truly work as a team with true real estate professionals.

Malcolm Lui: Right. So you're sitting lead to one mortgage person and one real estate agent and they both have the understanding that they need to work together on this lead OK so it is not being sent to multiple mortgage

Jonny Fowler: No

Malcolm Lui: People

Jonny Fowler: Never

Malcolm Lui: And multiple agents

Jonny Fowler: Never.

Malcolm Lui: Like

Jonny Fowler: No never.

Malcolm Lui: Okay and you must have systems in place to make sure that both of them are following up and working together collaboratively on the lead

Jonny Fowler: We've built out some incredible systems. I've got in-house I have three programmers outside of the country I have two programmers that build out my systems to where everything happens in precision timeframes.

Malcolm Lui: Right. OK now you may you just raise a couple times purchase money customer. Can you elaborate on that

Jonny Fowler: So after being in this business for 25 years. One thing that I've learned is it's more important to help that person who is buying their first home buying their move up home buying an investment property as opposed to you know being one of those companies that's you know somewhat famous or just refinancing people month after month after month. I want to help the people who have a time frame that matters. If a kid is starting a new school and they need to close in July for that kid to start at the new school that's my customer as opposed to somebody who wants to refinance for an eighth of a point or a quarter of a point better and they may not have the sense of urgency that is necessary in it. You know we set up a closing date then they have to go on a trip to Europe or something along those lines. It's the first time homebuyer. That means everything in the world to me it's that dream home buyer. It's that first time investment person that means everything to me.

Malcolm Lui: Now purchase money customers that that internal phrase that that Hancock mortgages uses or is this an industry wide

Jonny Fowler: It's an industry

Malcolm Lui: Phrase.

Jonny Fowler: Wide term.

Malcolm Lui: Okay

Jonny Fowler: People may say it in a couple different colloquialisms but it's a it's an industry wide term

Malcolm Lui: Okay got it. Now you also said earlier that you're not a fan of lead. So while you do provide leads to your your loan officers or branch managers you are encouraged them to generate their own that correct.

Jonny Fowler: Yes sir. And I will say on any given day. Ninety five percent of my guy's business is self Jim

Malcolm Lui: Okay. Any thoughts as to how they're generating their own heat

Jonny Fowler: Yeah. We bring value to the marketplace. That's that's one of the best things that I think that you can do as opposed to just being a leech on your referral partners. Bring value to the marketplace. So one thing that we have the benefit of is knowing some pretty influential people in you know in this marketplace in this industry. So it's doing things like bringing people like Berry happy to a local market that would never be able to see somebody like habits. It's bringing Bryan Stevenson Frank Gray to a local market. It's bringing what we learn through our external coaches to a local market based. And I'll give you a couple examples. One of the best we teach a modern marketing class all over the country. I think I had one hundred and one or a hundred and two flights in two thousand eighty going all over the country helping people in local areas understand how to use modern marketing from social media to whatever else is working out there. I'll give you another example. So I have an office in Palm Coast Florida. One of the real estate agents that we do business with they're gonna lead with a builder on 18 homes that if we would take over and help them do marketing for this subdivision that this agent was gonna get the listing on 18 properties. So I got on a plane flew there met with the builders and together we came up with a game plan to help this real estate agent get that business. So I may not get one single referral from those 18 homes but what I did is showed my referral partner that I'm willing to stick my neck out and help you with whatever business it is that you're going to grow

Malcolm Lui: So you actually helped a a real estate agent when 18 homes for listening to

Jonny Fowler: Yes sir. And I've got another appointment to do it next week in South Carolina.

Malcolm Lui: Me too I imagine that for every every home that they sell and when their clients ask them for a fair shot to talk to about helping them find a mortgage I imagine Hancock Mortgage is top of mind for him.

Jonny Fowler: Hopefully if I do a good job and hopefully if they like the way that I do business then I will get a chance for that business also. But more importantly it's for that referral partner it's for that real estate agent because out of those 18 homes I have no idea how many people are going to pay cash. I have no idea how many people already have a mortgage person or anything along those lines. So it's it's giving from abundance. It's helping that referral partner. It's like Zig Ziglar said you know and I probably get a bastardized date. But if you help people get what they want you will in turn end up getting what you want.

Malcolm Lui: Right now are you tracking your referral partners to figure out which ones are eating all your doughnuts and not giving you any doughnuts in return.

Jonny Fowler: Somewhat but it's it's not it's not a you give me I give you type setup kind of thing because you can't control that. You know we've get agents that have turned the leads that we give them. Let let's say they have credit issues or something at that moment. So instead of just cutting them off or not doing business with them because that turned into a lease as opposed to a purchase well they still helped me out. They still were able to help that person who needed a home for their family in a different form or fashion. So it's not tracked and traced to the degree and held. People are held accountable too. But yes I see the number of leads that come in the number of leads that help people. So for

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay. Now in my prep for this interview I did you know I fired up my own spy tools to take a look at what kind of online ads are running my show doesn't cover Facebook ads. I couldn't look at that but I didn't see you running any ads on Google or being. What's your thinking on that

Jonny Fowler: I do read them. You just didn't see them. I don't know what to you you're using. I began to Google AdWords but I do it in a different way that you probably would not have looked for. I've got a couple of youtube channels that I advertise and I'm out there but it's more of a satire than it is anything for business. It's more of a credibility and someone know facial recognition than it is begging for mortgage business kind of thing. But

Malcolm Lui: Ok.

Jonny Fowler: No I I very much a fan of Google AdWords and use it on a daily basis.

Malcolm Lui: Ok. Well the toy you enter in the domain name and it pulls up the as it can find right looking at the you know based on the landing pages and so on. So it sounds like you're not sending Edwards to landing pages on the Hancock marketing Web site something a different domain for

Jonny Fowler: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: Those. OK.

Jonny Fowler: Correct.

Malcolm Lui: So. Well what's the thinking behind doing it that way. I know you mentioned earlier your hot homes and K.T. domain name as opposed to sending everything to Hancock

Jonny Fowler: Well

Malcolm Lui: Mortgages

Jonny Fowler: That's not a domain

Malcolm Lui: Website

Jonny Fowler: Name. That's a Facebook page. So

Malcolm Lui: Or Facebook

Jonny Fowler: It's

Malcolm Lui: Page. OK.

Jonny Fowler: Not a domain name. And my so my thoughts on it. Nobody wants a mortgage. It's not

Malcolm Lui: Ok

Jonny Fowler: That it's something that somebody. It's a must have. Or for sixty nine percent of the country it's a must have. It is not a a want to. So my my thoughts on it are I don't want to be that guy that's in your face talking about something that you want to do. Anyway I want to be the relief or the answer for what problem you're trying to solve. Your family has grown you need a larger house. I want to help you solve that problem. You have got a new job a new position. You've gotten a raise. You've gotten a tax return. You want to start investing in your wealth. I want to be that person who helps you solve that solution. If you and this is why I think people are making a mistake on missing out on anybody that's that's looking to buy homes now. Lived through the mortgage debacle that happen from Wall Street back in the 2007 2008 era. So the word mortgage is not a good thing to anyone in my opinion

Malcolm Lui: Right

Jonny Fowler: That the children the grandchildren everybody lived through that. So I don't know why people would advertise something that is not something that's wanted. It's something that's needed.

Malcolm Lui: Right

Jonny Fowler: If you pay attention to any of the commercials that go on you know it's talking about Mercedes or Chevrolet is having a sale this weekend and it's zero percent interest which is something that but people like it's payments as low as three hundred dollars a month which is something that people like but they never go to a 72 month loan at sixty point nine percent. You know if those things. So what people want and what they need is the money and they need a professional to tell them what it means and how it's going to work. But nobody ever shops for it. They don't want. It's not a fun thing a mortgage is not a great thing.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Totally till you understand that especially after the crash into housing in the mortgage market you know from a few years back. Interesting aside. Mutual funds they too were renamed death of the big depression in the early 1990s. I think they used to call them unit trusts or something like that way back then and then after they crashed they have rebranded that product into mutual funds for the same reasons

Jonny Fowler: Exactly.

Malcolm Lui: And

Jonny Fowler: Exactly.

Malcolm Lui: So on to last questions for you Johnny. Who are your ideal clients. And I know from clients that can be not only people who are seeking a mortgage but also branch managers and loan officers and maybe even your referral partners. And what's the best way for them to contact your company

Jonny Fowler: So I guess my my perfect customer like you said there's two of them. My direct customer is a branch manager loan officer that is looking to better themselves looking to expand looking to truly help and be part of their community. Sit in the PTA meetings be part you know sit in the church pews. Be part of the community. That's my perfect client. On a first level on a second level. My perfect client is either someone who is looking to purchase a property that is either not getting the information that they need and not realizing that maybe their gut instinct is telling them that this big behemoth bank says they're going to close your loan in the next three months probably isn't going to. It's the people who want to do business with their local community. That's my secondary perfect customer helping their local community the way they get a hold of me is my information is everywhere out there. My name is Jonathan Fowler. I go by Johnny my email address is J. Fowler at Hancock Mortgage AECOM my direct line is 8 5 5 5 6 6 6 9 9 0. My cell phone is too late. 1 3 5 2 7 3 0 7. My website is Hancock Mortgage dot com.

Malcolm Lui: Johnny. Would you mind spelling out your email address. I know Fowler might not be obvious spelling for everyone he's out there

Jonny Fowler: Great point I appreciate that. So it's the letter J F isn't Frank o w l e r so J. Fowler at Hancock h a n CEOs C can. Just like John Hancock Mortgage IMO r t g g e J. Fowler at Hancock Mortgage dot com

Malcolm Lui: Thanks so much for joining us today Johnny and sharing how you help grow your company print across the United States.

Jonny Fowler: Malcolm it was absolutely wonderful. I really appreciate this and I must say I've done hundreds if not thousands of these interviews and I really love your style. It's it's really refreshing to talk to someone like you

Malcolm Lui: Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it

Jonny Fowler: Yes our.

Malcolm Lui: We've been speaking with Johnny Fowler, the senior V.P. at Hancock Mortgage about how he grew his company's footprint across the United States. For interviews with other fast growing companies or for how we can accelerate your firm's high value sales through automation visit

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