The Job Board for Dental Professionals – Tonya Lanthier of DentalPost

Tonya Lanthier, Founder and CEO of DentalPost

Tonya Lanthier, the Founder and CEO of DentalPost, grew her company’s revenue from $2 million in 2014 to $4.2 million in 2017, a 106% increase, and to around $4.5 million in 2018.  

DentalPost is an online job board and career resource for dental professionals

In this interview with Eversprint‘s Malcolm Lui, Tonya shares how she and her team accelerated their high value sales by:  

  • Hiring people smarter than her to build the platform and increase sales.  
  • Outsourcing their social media and paid ads campaigns.  
  • Adding more structure around her company’s processes.  

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Malcolm Lui: Welcome to the High Value Sales Show of I'm Malcolm Lui, the Managing Member of Eversprint, and today we're speaking with Tonya Lanthier, the Founder and CEO of DentalPost, an online job board and career resource for dental professionals. Welcome to the call Tonya.

Tanya Lanthier: Thank you Malcolm. Glad to be here.

Malcolm Lui: Tonya, you grew your company's revenue from $2 million in 2014 to $4.2 million in 2017, a 106% increase, and in 2018 you hit around $4.5m million. Before we talk about you grew your company so fast, can you briefly share what your company does beyond my quick intro, and how your company differs from the competition?

Tanya Lanthier: Sure we're a online mobile job board where in the dental industry where people find jobs and they connect to build teams that excel but we use actually we have data that you can use to make a better higher.

Malcolm Lui: Awesome capacity and can you share how your company differs from the other ones that might be serving the same market

Tanya Lanthier: Sure we have. There's a there's the big giant job boards and then we're a niche job board and that's what makes us unique from everybody else and we also have testing on our site where you can get a personality test for free. You can get to your core values type those in. Your work culture assessments that has to do with what environment you're happy working with fast pay slow pace high technology low technology big office small office. You know if it works better when you're in a happier place because we're in you know 60 percent of our time is spent at work and it's a good good thing to be at a place that you love. And so that's what we we base our job board on is we want you to be in a place that you love to work.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Can you share. What were the three biggest drivers over the past few years that allowed you to grow your company from two million in 2014 to four and a half million in 2018.

Tanya Lanthier: The three the three biggest you know I I grew the company to a million by myself with my significant other in and I hired and start hiring help you know I became smarter when it was like I can't do this all by myself I was practicing dental hygiene as a hygienist three to four days a week I've had have twins and I was managing them and growing the company which actually was a hobby of mine just helping people at first and then it hit a million and I was like I got to hire some help here. I started hiring people that were smarter than me and that can help me drive the you know build the platform out and build the sales force out and you know just the technology and those are probably the. That was probably the biggest thing that I did was hire a few very smart people

Malcolm Lui: Okay great. So number one you hired smart people to help you build out the platform as well as help you with sales

Tanya Lanthier: Yes yes. To look at it in a different avenue. Yeah

Malcolm Lui: Okay but driver number two.

Tanya Lanthier: Driver number two is another hired. I hired a social media experts because I was doing a lot of it myself before Facebook started changing their algorithms to get really complicated. I hired. A company called first and they have helped me with Google AdWords and all that stuff that I really did. It was a time suck for me where I can be focused on speaking and getting in front of the get in front of the audience and traveling and influencing

Malcolm Lui: Okay great. So you hired a social media expert and also a paid ads expert

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah that was that was the second one. The third one was I started speaking you know to give me more time there as I started putting things in place more structure around the more structure around my life and more structure around the company. I'm also a member of EO which helped I've taken a few classes and I started doing Rockefeller Habits where we have a rhythm where you meet stand up have stand up meetings and we would have we'd have to sit down do our quarterly in our quarterly goals and we'd meet quarterly to do that we'd lay them out and put deadlines on everything. Just more structure. The third thing was really structure and get so I could get out there and speak and utilize my time wisely instead of being down in the weeds at the company

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay so the three drivers the recap one you hired people smarter than you to build up your platform and help with sales second key drivers that you hired a social media and paid ads expert. Now is that the same company vert that did both for you or is that two separate people that you hired or a

Tanya Lanthier: I'm sorry I say that again I'm sorry I didn't hear you.

Malcolm Lui: Share for the number two driver. You mentioned how you hired a social media expert and someone to help you there paid ads. Is that the same company vert that did Bo

Tanya Lanthier: Yes yes there a full full service house.

Malcolm Lui: Make

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah

Malcolm Lui: It

Tanya Lanthier: Well

Malcolm Lui: Perfect

Tanya Lanthier: House

Malcolm Lui: And then the third driver was that you put it in so putting in more structure around your life and around the company and as to how you go about with your planning and achieving your targets

Tanya Lanthier: Yes. And I was I was still practicing as a hygiene yes. And so I I went down to work practicing like once a month twice a month. And then I finally stopped practicing. About a year little bit over a year and a half ago

Malcolm Lui: Ok so how does that change things. Now that you're no longer practicing

Tanya Lanthier: Oh I love dentistry and I love taking care of patients. I do miss it a lot but it gave me more of an opportunity to focus on my team and keep the culture really tight. It just it allowed me to be more focused instead of having to go practice away from the company and then come back. But it actually kept. It was good. It was a good man. It kept me in tune with what my list you know my users are doing. But I've done it for twenty three years so I think I've got it down now. But it was just hard for me to let it go.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah I can see that. Sure. Now can we talk a little bit more about when you realized that you'd need to hire more people to further grow your business. You know this is simply the case where you just have no life because you were doing everything by yourself and you said oh I just need someone or was there some other aha moment that open your eyes toward hiring

Tanya Lanthier: Of course I wasn't sleeping. I was getting about five hours a night because I would go to work and to see hygiene patients and then I'd come into work. And then I'd work at night and then set the you know set the tone for everything and we were going. Yeah I had to I had to hired had to hire permanent people instead of I kind of had a little bit of help right. Hire people to come in and help me do the letters and then I'd stay up late. Do the letters and I had the ladies in the in our neighborhood helping me do letters and sending you know I sent snail mail out for a long time. So I basically hired more help just to kind of take a load off with me.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay. And at that point when you're business as a million a million a year it was enough cash flow to actually pay someone comfortably to get to help you work. Or is it still kind of a tight business at that time and yet perhaps you

Tanya Lanthier: Now

Malcolm Lui: Get

Tanya Lanthier: I could

Malcolm Lui: More

Tanya Lanthier: I

Malcolm Lui: Than

Tanya Lanthier: Could

Malcolm Lui: Best

Tanya Lanthier: Pay for you know I'm I'm pretty conservative so with money I'm very frugal and I like efficiency and I was you know saving money to do I knew the platform was gonna have to be rebuilt at some point as well. So you know I had the money to hire somebody. Yeah.

Malcolm Lui: Okay. That makes it easier. Right. I mean

Tanya Lanthier: I've never I've never ran the money I've never ran the company in the red at all. I've always been in the positive for the company so I've always reinvested in my marketing is where I've always spent my money to grow it. And yeah I just had to go OK I can't spend as much on marketing and have I need to hire somebody

Malcolm Lui: Yeah well you have to make the resource allocation right to make it work to make it right.

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah.

Malcolm Lui: So in regards to the second criteria about how technology and the platform changed and you found that you're unable to do it yourself anymore. Similar to number one and you decide to hire an agency to help you do it. What was your thinking. Between outsourcing it to an agency as opposed to hiring someone full time to have that person live and breathe it you know 24 hours a day.

Tanya Lanthier: Well I had I love social media and so did my I had my sister helping me a little bit too. But we would we would kind of tag team on Facebook and Instagram and. And I built it to about 10000 people following us and then it was like OK I got to hand this over because it it's taken too much of my time. And so I started doing the research and a person who told me about art. Somebody told me about her I went and interviewed them. They had just kind of started their company. So we kind of grew up together and they made the 5000 as well. We we've kind of grown up together in that the same direction

Malcolm Lui: Okay great. How do you spell name. This is just is

Tanya Lanthier: V

Malcolm Lui: It just a

Tanya Lanthier: V is inviolate E R T but

Malcolm Lui: Okay cool

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah.

Malcolm Lui: Nice that he gets re together with that well

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah

Malcolm Lui: And

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah.

Malcolm Lui: For

Tanya Lanthier: Great.

Malcolm Lui: Driver

Tanya Lanthier: Great

Malcolm Lui: Number three. And you mentioned about starting it put more structure around your business key share a little bit about how that evolved and when and why you started doing it and how and how did you determine what structures put into place

Tanya Lanthier: Okay. So I was in the chair practicing and I would have you know you can only talk about so much you know home care and so I'd have these businessmen come in and Batkid and I would be in their mouth at us just start talking about what kind of business they were in and then I was like Well I started a business and I'm doing this and this but I've got this issue that I'm trying to figure out and I need to go find somebody that can help me do this and all these businessmen were like you need to go here or you need to do this and you need to join EO entrepreneurs organization. And like what is he you know. And they were like you just have justice. And I remember I went to the website and I sent email and I met this guy at a coffee shop and he told me a little about about you know kind of sounds like a cult at first. But what ended up being was the best thing I ever did in my whole entire life that it opened up doors for resources for me. And they teach classes on. How to put structure in. They have a book called scaling up by Vernon Harnish that's been around he's been here. He founded the company over 30 years ago you know. And there's just it's talks about you know money and cash and structure and people and those are the four things that you really need to pay attention to grow your company. And I started taking classes on it and I learned to implement some of the structures that they had talked about and then being in the dental offices.

Tanya Lanthier: I ended up knocking my teeth went out out when I was eight years old. And so I spent a lot of time the dental worlds that's and that's how I ended up in becoming a high genius is from my my rack as a little girl and knocked my tooth out. But but when I started to try to start a family I had a balance in fertility and when I had a bout with in fertility I sort of temping all over Atlanta in attempt and over one hundred offices and once I attempted over 100 offices I started to see in these offices structures I started to see the good offices had a like a bonus model in it the people showed up and the leader was doing great things to bond them together and take them on trips and make them look at themselves harder and they worked together and got vulnerable and I saw all these offices that wasn't great at all and they had no structure and you could see it trickle down to the patient care. So that's kind of where my structure started to put that I learned to kind of I knew what was how how things worked in better offices but really learning how to do it and learning through each Oh I was like. I've got to put this in my company and I've got to make this work but I already had some structure basses from being in dentistry and learning how good offices run efficient efficiently

Malcolm Lui: Right. Great. Awesome. You're the second person second person in in another interview also mentioned scaling up as a book. That was helpful to them

Tanya Lanthier: And that's great.

Malcolm Lui: I have to check that one two times now. Now you mentioned before how you hired some people to help with sales. How did they help up how how did they help out with your sales.

Tanya Lanthier: Heroin. Well I was sales. I haven't really put together a sales team. I put I've hired some marketing people to come in and look at everything and how is doing and what avenues. And that helped. I know I've hired some consultants to come in through the years as well and that also helped. But I've got you know now I've got a permanent marketing person and she has a person that helps her with marketing. So I'm not sure if I answered your question but I would just put people in to give me advice and then I

Malcolm Lui: Like

Tanya Lanthier: Take best practices from the

Malcolm Lui: Now is there when you when your when you're selling. I guess the way your business model works right is employees want to post the job listing and they pay for access to your platform and to your your community and your and the people who are searching for jobs right. So is it all entirely self serve like the Craigslist sort of model or do you have a team

Tanya Lanthier: Yes

Malcolm Lui: That's

Tanya Lanthier: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: Ok

Tanya Lanthier: This is self serve. I do have a team but I have some way that people can call and get customer service help. But if we've made it so simple to use dental post that people can go online they can create their own account and then what they do is and go through and search the rest my database they can look at people's you know they can look at their experience they can look at their testing they can look at you know if the person puts up a picture if they want them to see who they are and then they can post a job or think of the resume database or they can buy a combo and do both. That's what we have for on the job posting service and then we have a dental post EU which is a people in dentistry have to have continuing ads so I built another platform where you can have take credits you get your credits there your education.

Malcolm Lui: Ok that's on another revenue source or your business.

Tanya Lanthier: Yes yes

Malcolm Lui: Ok great. What percentage of your business is coming from that continuing ed

Tanya Lanthier: It's very small right now. I have about twenty five courses and I built it. And then I had to go backwards to go forward and I had to rewrite the whole Web site platform so we put that on halt. It's there it's being used but we haven't put a lot of marketing around it yet. Because we had to rewrite there's a whole new. We just launched our whole new Web site.

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Tanya Lanthier: A rebirth.

Malcolm Lui: Yes. Not now not now. How are that then that the Street professionals now are fulfilling their continuing education requirements. Is it they have to go in-person somewhere for the training

Tanya Lanthier: They had to do some states require that you go in person and and then partially online. So usually it's half and half but every state it varies in percentage of how much you have to get it online or in person.

Malcolm Lui: Okay so I imagine it's probably a lot of other companies out there offering continuing ed for the dental professionals.

Tanya Lanthier: Oh yeah. There's there's many companies offer and continue to especially like a company that makes a product like Serrano that's a you know where they make crayons. They've got training on how to them how to run the machines and things like that. Yeah there's a lot of training out there

Malcolm Lui: Right now another hand you have people who are coming to your site looking for a job or looking for career resources so you have a natural progression for them as well

Tanya Lanthier: Yes. Yes. And then. I have a blogs and I have places where they can sell their things like classifieds. If a student comes in she's looking for a job and she wants to sell her instruments from dental school that she that need him anymore because she's going into an office that provides him for her she can actually sell them on our site

Malcolm Lui: And you realize that you as a not now as a student you have your own equipment but once you start working you no longer need it. Is that what you're telling me.

Tanya Lanthier: You don't need it unless the doctor is going to absorb it. Are you guys going to give it to the doctors usually. Yeah they're usually the doctors already have their cassette set up and provide they provide your instruments for you.

Malcolm Lui: Right. OK so good. It's a marketplace that you have there. Cool. I saw on your Web site that there's a community aspect to what you provide as well. You talk a little bit about that

Tanya Lanthier: Well I've started some communities on Facebook called dental impact and dental posters dental posters is basically to share anything in dentistry that's out there. I have not a social platform on dental post. I thought about adding one but I just the thing is we've got some things we've got to do first before we end up looking at a social platform. So I've added the Facebook components on to it That go back that feed back and forth between my site

Malcolm Lui: Right. OK yeah. And once you have a community aspect of your site. It is. It will require someone to monitor it as well. Right. It's

Tanya Lanthier: Yes

Malcolm Lui: Good to

Tanya Lanthier: Yes.

Malcolm Lui: Make sure that

Tanya Lanthier: And people can be mean on that and then

Malcolm Lui: Yeah

Tanya Lanthier: I do. I don't I do not promote that at all. And you know on my site you know we've got a I'm going to have a ranking system on our site and I'm going to control that where people can't be rude to each other or just destroy each other because I don't I don't understand what's wrong with our world these days. They they really want to beat people

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

Tanya Lanthier: Each other.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah well one way to filter it is to make it a paid community or get to pay a small monthly fee perhaps and that will filter out a lot of the people out there who have more time on their hands.

Tanya Lanthier: Death

Malcolm Lui: And then they know to do with

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah. Unfortunately

Malcolm Lui: Can you talk a little bit about your 2019 plans. You mentioned a little bit about building out your continuing education. Any other plans that you can share with us

Tanya Lanthier: We're upgrading our CRM system right now. And right now we're going to we're adding a reward system in a ranking system for our Our employers and our users so that we can do you can manage it a little bit. Our employers can manage it a little bit better and then the ones that are showing up for interviews that they get rewarded the ones that aren't showing up or they don't call back or they don't have very good. You know interview etiquette. We're going to we're going to rank them so

Malcolm Lui: Right

Tanya Lanthier: That the employer can pick a better hire for their

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Tanya Lanthier: For their office.

Malcolm Lui: And vice versa I suppose to. So what are the criteria that the professionals are ranking and rating the employers who they are meeting

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah. I haven't done that yet. We haven't laid that part out. That was a little bit harder to do.

Malcolm Lui: Because they are the ones paying the bills and then no one's going to want a negative review

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah it's it's not like Yelp so it will be somewhat like Yelp but you can't it's on the double side you have to be really careful

Malcolm Lui: Sure. What do you see as your biggest marketing and sales challenges for 2019.

Tanya Lanthier: Marketing and Sales challenges. I think that social media has changed a lot. I think that the days of growing your company on social media is harder. So I really think that going back to face to face speaking getting in front of audiences touching. Influencers is going to be the best way to market have and have associations. You know make sure you have good strategic plans with them. I think that's going to be. I think it's going to be our biggest challenge for marketing

Malcolm Lui: Okay now I know before you mentioned how you're just so busy doing everything hence you need to hire more people and you tell me do more face to face marketing. Are you envisioning yourself doing the face to face marketing or hiring people to do that for you.

Tanya Lanthier: I'm already starting to hire people to go and be in front of people and as well as I'm going. We we speak to DHS which is the dental hygiene seminars. Heather map under them and then she gets she does like nine events and she gets we'll get in front of about five fifty five hundred dental hygiene that are about to graduate and become restored dental hygienist so we're the perfect person. Can I help with her. Their next steps. So she was actually my. Instructor in college and she started a company and she's grown it. I'm very proud of her for over the last 30 years.

Malcolm Lui: A core

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah. To taste them. Well she helps she teaches the board review for dental hygiene.

Malcolm Lui: Nice and also working with the DHS and helping their students as a graduate I imagine they might be turning to your your board to help them find a job. Would that be the case

Tanya Lanthier: Yes. Yes. That's their next steps. Once they get there they they take the board review and then they take their board

Malcolm Lui: Any

Tanya Lanthier: And the next step is to start interviewing put together their resume A's and that's what we help with. You know we talk about how to how to dress how to interview interview and etiquette and how to sell yourself because it's a competitive world out there.

Malcolm Lui: Easy and what are their what are the alternatives for people to find a job other than dental pulse. What are the other ways that they would consider

Tanya Lanthier: You know I tell you what I did I was a I was a go getter so I would I would take my resume and have my picture on the resume. I would go back offices and you know I would sell myself I'd go hey I'm looking for a job. Give me a chance to come in and take care of your patients and your doctor. I'll work hard ice then I would get you started showing up the association meetings where the doctors would have a continuing ed and then I show up and say Hey my name's Tonya lengthier I just graduated high school I'm looking for a job I've got experience in dental assisting you know blah blah blah. You know I tell myself and my my profession is mostly women and I think women we don't we don't we're not we don't sell ourselves we don't. We want to do our own horns. And it's OK to do that when you're trying to get a job. It's okay to cave before in that aspect and believe it yourself but a lot of women won't act for what they want. They won't even ask for a raise a lot of times. They're

Malcolm Lui: Yeah.

Tanya Lanthier: Waiting for it to be given.

Malcolm Lui: You have to notice that too even with the interviews I've been doing yeah I make offers. I ask the executives are they interested in having an interview and sharing their insights as far as how I had reached out to you as well. And I found that the percentage of women who agreed to be interviewed is lower than what I had anticipated relative to the number there are actually out there running businesses. So I think I might. My speculation is similar to your thinking is that women aren't as interested as keen as tooting their own horn as you mentioned as perhaps their male counterparts might be

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah I think I think if you own a business that you're you should be talking about your business and proud of it and be loud and proud. So what I always say be loud and proud.

Malcolm Lui: And proud. Yeah sounds

Tanya Lanthier: So

Malcolm Lui: Like a good college college

Tanya Lanthier: You're

Malcolm Lui: Phrase. Loud and proud.

Tanya Lanthier: Well you're helping people too if you if you believe in what you're doing and you're you're passionate and you're changing people's lives then I wouldn't. I don't know why you wouldn't want to talk about what you do because every day after work it's not working. It's like I help people get jobs to help them put food on the table help them pay for their car and their house and take kids on vacation. I look at my job as that way what I do. And I talk to my mom. I talk to my programmers that way to them like what you're programming right here is going to help somebody get a job and make money and buy food and comfort and pay the bills and the power and the heat and you know they go to Disney World with their kids and you know you get a different mindset when you look at it how it trickles down.

Malcolm Lui: Yeah definitely. Now who are your ideal employers. For the ones to use your Web site and who are your ideal dental professionals to use your Web site

Tanya Lanthier: You need dental professional that needs a job or they need to open their office pretty much. My deal is and you know my bill from the doctor side. They want somebody that's gonna show up and be responsible and fit in their office and you know if I've added the desk personality test because I believe in it you know you've got your extroverts and your introverts and you've got your people that are you know more detail oriented and the ones that are big picture oriented and the doctors that are high D you don't want to put another high D driven person together with you. The doctor has a driven personality and then your hygiene has a different personality. Kill each other.

Malcolm Lui: Right

Tanya Lanthier: There's a lot of science behind it or aspects to personalities and core values and you know that you need to look at where they're and where their interests come from where they're where does that person's underlying me come from. Is it could to contribute. Is it from love. Is it to control or is it to be seen. Does it to be accurate when it's to be accurate. Control you know then you've got a certain type of person that's that's going to be in a certain type of role you know and you've got some it comes from love and contribution you're going to have more with those person that loves people and they're there you know going to go find any resource they can to help their patient. So you just look at where that person comes from. Well

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Tanya Lanthier: I'm adding I'm adding a high emotional intelligence assessment on my site and

Malcolm Lui: Okay

Tanya Lanthier: An emotional adjustment

Malcolm Lui: Okay.

Tanya Lanthier: Almost

Malcolm Lui: Yeah. When I asked about who your ideal dentists are for example on the employer side I was thinking more along the lines of you know are they is their practice a certain size that would be a good fit for the people who use your site to find a job. Did they know either

Tanya Lanthier: I serve

Malcolm Lui: A

Tanya Lanthier: Everybody I serve in all

Malcolm Lui: To

Tanya Lanthier: This.

Malcolm Lui: Them OK

Tanya Lanthier: I mean it's it's served them all. There's a it's it's it's a great platform. It is one of those things where you're a dental professional. You get to find the right one but I serve them all. They can post whatever job they want on there and the criteria to get the person that they need.

Malcolm Lui: Ok OK so. Yeah. Found that there's a huge difference between a a a one dentists office as opposed to a larger office that has a group of dentists working

Tanya Lanthier: I mean of course there's a big difference you've got and you've got a job seeker that may not work in a huge corporation where they know they may not. They have certain rules they follow about how they treat patients and in a boutique you're going to have a different set of rules how you treat patients. You know you're going to be high quality you're gonna be quantity so you have to have the right person with the there where their ethics are and whether you know where they are comfortable selling or if they're comfortable how that office operates in a quantity or quality

Malcolm Lui: Right.

Tanya Lanthier: Arm.

Malcolm Lui: Okay. How about in terms of the services that that dental practice offers is at a area of differentiation and segmentation for you.

Tanya Lanthier: I mean I've got I've got that broken down on the side. I mean I've got I've got every criteria broken down sight and even philosophy. So if you're trained and recoils or you're trained under a pinky theory or you know all these spear. Then if you have a employee that's to work under a doctor that's trained into that certain theory then you're going to be more of that person is getting more valuable to that jobs. You know that to that doctor.

Malcolm Lui: Right. Okay.

Tanya Lanthier: Yeah. I mean I've thought about everything in that aspect of whether what what you need in the practice.

Malcolm Lui: Okay. And it is your it your marketing team in your outsource partners are they taking that in consideration as well. Like for example are they marketing to batik industries that follow the sphere philosophy

Tanya Lanthier: Well we're not quite. I mean we've got a.. You don't actually have to market towards those. I mean there. That doesn't actually

Malcolm Lui: Make a difference

Tanya Lanthier: Add and make a difference. Not at all

Malcolm Lui: Okay. Fantastic Three last questions for you. Say you're on a freeway in Georgia that's moving fast and you have a billboard that you put up there and that billboard. Typically people have six seconds to read what's on the billboard. What would be the billboard message for dental. Post

Tanya Lanthier: Hire right from our site.

Malcolm Lui: Haha you're right from our I said Okay good. And can you recap again who your ideal dental practice offices as well as dental professionals are and what's the best way for them to contact you and your team or to just go self-service and get on your platform.

Tanya Lanthier: You can go to dental post dot net and set up an account. We serve all professions in dentistry. We also serve all dental offices. Like he said you can go to dental posting that and you can sign up under count whether you are there's their employer accounts and there's job seeker accounts so if you're looking for a job your job seeker And if you're looking to hire your employer

Malcolm Lui: All right fantastic. Thanks so much for joining us today Tonya and sharing how you accelerated your company's high value sales

Tanya Lanthier: Now you're welcome. That was fun.

Malcolm Lui: We've been speaking with Tonya Lanthier, the Founder and CEO of DentalPost, about her company's rapid growth. For interviews with other fast growing, high value sales companies, or to learn how we can accelerate your firm's high value sales through automation, visit

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